Astar Off-chain Voting

Hola Astar familia,

I wanted to bring up using onchain voting for your consideration. As we move into the more public eye with our L1 and L2 for up-keeping and growing, it’s important to recognize that the current forum is not suitable for true governance. Already its a platform that serves a small constituency, and forum voting through polls (classic way we have been doing it) can be gamed - due to the creation and growth of multiple accounts that can reached the Trust Level 2 needed to vote in the forum votes.

As I foresee important discussions and votes coming up, I would propose to start utilizing for onchain voting. It already has the integrated in it so we can create and discuss there on the same platform, thereby having a one-stop shop for all things governance.

Would love your thoughts. Thanks!


It sounds super suitable. I am wondering if this new platform will be available only when Astar Gov2 turns on, or we can just migrate our polls to there.

If so, how can we vote? Staked tokens count?

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I believe it can be used as is right now - checking with @hoonkim

We already tested with a initial vote. @hoonkim could you remind me if staked tokens can vote too please?

As per the forum discussion transfers, I don’t believe that can be done technically. Instead, we would need to begin to form new topics there moving forward, and slowly sunsetting this forum could be an option. Townhall has the forum functionality (+ AI summary which I enjoy) so it would have to be a shift in how we do things.


Thanks for the proposal!

Yes, I think it would be better to get used to Townhall now, so moving the platform over there would be suitable.


This is a great idea! It should help to increase participation in the community. Another option might be to use a tally, which people might be more familiar with. I propose this as an alternative. =)

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Just as you mention Ramz, the current software we use for our governance falls short with the level of interaction and does not reflect on-chain data that allows us to better manage information, proposals, voters and more, we need something that allows us to see more on-chain actions.

I definitely agree that we migrate to Townhall in steps.


Thank you for your proposal. I think the timing is very good.
We need to get used to the new platform(Townhall).
I would like to confirm what kind of process and format it will be through actual voting. I’m looking forward to being able to vote on-chain.

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I also support the transition to TownHall!
Since govASTR has not been issued yet, I’m curious about how voting will be conducted in TownHall.

There has been a lot of feedback from users who are not familiar with participating in forums, stating that the current forum UI is not very user-friendly. It seems to have improved significantly. While it’s very important to emphasize legitimacy, I look forward to an experience that makes it easier for even one more user to participate.

Nice ! I will give it a try so we can start moving on with onchain voting :star2:

Great to see more on-chain solutions for Astar and its gradual transition towards being more like a DAO. Do you guys think it’s possible to integrate Polkassembly for the on-chain voting?

Agreeing with moving towards an solution which uses on-chain voting.
A lot of big L1s are using it and it seems better for a variety of reasons. Have just checked
Would be glad to have some topics there to get everyone familiar with that.

Hi Ramz,

Really glad to see this onchain voting and discussion platform! Just quickly visited the new platform and have immediate questions :slight_smile:

  1. Native wallets seems available at this moment. And if the $ASTR staked can be used as voting power, perhaps at some point, supporting EVM wallets will be necessary. Is it technically challenging or already planned to be implemented?

  2. One user - One account - One vote (though power will vary) seems what is expected, in my opinion. However, one can have multiple wallets $ASTR staked, then would we also need to consider some specific rules to prevent the new forum from being manipulated by multiple accounts? Or it is less important because voting power matters?

So excited to see the new platform, though it is a bit sad to see the current forum sunsetting gradually.

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Sorry for the late response (I was in a holiday).

You can easily integrate Discourse with Townhall to automatically post new topics from either platform. However, for the voting side, it’s fully customizable since Townhall at the moment is off-chain with certain components you can read using smart contracts.
So I think it’s highly feasible to use TH for Astar governance.

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Hello! This is Adrian from Coin Reference! Yes, I consider the initiative that Ramz proposes to be super good for the moment Astar is in. You could also use applications like subsquare.

Migrating to Townhall is definitely an upgrade! The UI there is neat and easy to adapt and would be great for the community to participate as well!