Astar Townhall - Offchain Governance

Except if I am wrong, currently Townhall does a snapshot of all ASTR tokens and based on this snaphot the user can vote (voting power = number of ASTR locked + number of ASTR free).
I suggest to do a snapshot of all staked ASTR and use this amount for the voting power.
In almost all governance systems, the user must lock/stake the token in order to vote. Here we can use the dappStaking mechanism to lock the token to be able to vote.


For Astar native, ASTR tokens transferable and locked in dApp Staking can be used as voting power.

For Astar EVM, only transferable ASTR tokens can be used as voting power. On EVM, tokens in dApp Staking cannot be used.


If we take Polkadot as an example, tokens are locked when using conviction voting (locking tokens for X eras to obtain X multiplier on the vote). Users can vote in OpenGov without locking their tokens.

In addition, locking tokens in governance and in staking are two different things and states on Polkadot.

Your idea is similar to Hoon’s governance proposal and could be implemented if the community approves the proposal.

Given that the current townhall off-chain voting is temporary, development will remain focused on the on-chain governance model, so there won’t be many improvements or profound changes to the current platform.

2 Likes built by Townhall is deep-linked to discourse. Users will be able to see and comment on discussions on both the forums.
Astar’s current forum is where majority discussions have happened and we envision a slow and gradual transition to for all governance discussions and voting.

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At this moment, I was curious if we are now in the getting-familiar-with-Townhall phase before having the fully transition phase. Though the two are deeply related and proven by seeing the numbers in the Townhall,

still at this moment, some of them seem to be found only one of them. For example, currently the C14 dApp staking proposal seems only visible on the forum, whereas its voting is showing up on the Townhall. Only a slight concern is about the traceability later when both of the discussion and voting are done. Perhaps manually we can leave its cross-reference somewhere so that members can easily find the other side of it.

Therefore, I am looking forward to having a smooth transition between these two platforms while the community members use both of them until the full migration is done.


Hopefully the community engage more in the Astar town hall… I think it is easey to debate and vote just connecting the user wallet and using ASTR to vote.

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