Astar zkEVM: Network Upgrade Report

Hello everyone,

We’ve addressed the recent incident with utmost priority. In order to maintain transparency in communication, here’s an update on the Astar zkEVM incident:

  • The Astar zkEVM upgrade & fix has been implemented. The network is operating smoothly.
  • Please check the previous forum post to get started: Astar zkEVM: Network Upgrade Report
  • The recent incident was rooted in technical issues within the Polygon’s zkEVM stack, affecting the Astar zkEVM network.
  • Acknowledging concerns about on-chain data, we’re actively collaborating with ecosystem projects to address them effectively.
  • A comprehensive Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report of the incident will be made public soon to provide full transparency.
  • While a limited number of wallets were affected by the reorg, rest assured, we’ve got your back. Your assets will be reinstated, with more details coming soon! Users may have missed out on opportunities within Yoki Origins, but just FYI, there will be even greater rewards in the future. Keep grinding for the top spot on the Yoki Origins journey!

Note: Wallets remain secure (Missed opportunity). The Yoki Origins campaign is temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding the relaunch, including the timeline. However, this setback will lead to even greater rewards in the future. More boosts, more lores! Our users will always be our top priority!

Next steps for impacted users:

Stay tuned for a comprehensive update on the incident, which will be shared with the community shortly, containing all the necessary details. Remember, we’re here to support you, and we’re actively addressing the situation.

Rest assured, your funds are safeguarded, and assistance is readily available. Polygon and Astar Foundation will support the affected users, ensuring the protection of their assets. So yes, your funds are safe!

Please fill out this form if you need support:

Next steps for ecosystem projects:

As we prioritize security and performance excellence, we’re promptly calling upon all projects leveraging Astar zkEVM mainnet permission-less RPC nodes to act swiftly.

Learn more: Upcoming Astar zkEVM Upgrade & Maintenance - #4 by Gaius_sama

Let’s continue our collaborative journey of building together.

Next steps for Astar & Polygon:

Maintain open communication with the community, keeping them informed of all the latest updates and ensuring transparency in our interactions. Provide a detailed breakdown of the incident support to keep the community informed.