~$3000 LOST due to the issue with the Astar zkEVM network

I unstaked vASTR token on omni.ls (on Astar zkEVM network) on April 11, 2024 15:47:30 PM (UTC).
Unfortunately, the Bifrost support team informed me that due to the earlier issue with the Astar zkEVM network, they were unable to process my unstaking request and that my 30k vASTR (unstaked amount approx. 32k-33k ASTR) are lost and I should contact the Astar network team to recover my funds.

I submitted this Google form “https://forms.gle/GLWWBH7xkeLZzrY26 ”a month ago, but have not yet received a response.

Please help to resolve this problem and recover my funds as soon as possible.

Here are some information you may find useful
Transaction Hash:

Unstake Time:
Apr 11 2024 15:47:30 PM (UTC)

Unstake Amount:
30298.752039vASTR (to approx. 32k-33k ASTR)

Thank you very much for you help.


Hello, Shadi! Thank you for reporting your problem.

Actually the Astar forum is not the ideal place for this, we have a whole discord server where all the ambassadors are located and we can give you a more appropriate support, join it to help you with your problem: Astar Network

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Hello @shadi

Please open a ticket in the support channel on Astar Discord, I’ll look into it and help you resolve your issue.

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Hey @shadi ! Thanks for reporting the issue.

We have looked into the issue together with Bifrost team and confirmed it is one of the txs influenced in the re-org due to Polygon CDK.

Could you confirm if 0x92CD2A6fa4b859Eec7785fA49d23E79d511F81EC is the address that you want to receive the compensation? Thanks!

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SCAM! this person is not ME and he try to scam you. Any funds should only be returned to the ORIGIN ADDRESS that made the transaction.

Hey @Gaius_sama can you check this problem

Hi @shadi,
Please could you ellaborate a little bit more?

It seems the address 0x92CD2A6fa4b859Eec7785fA49d23E79d511F81EC is well the signer of the transaction

The problem has been solved on Discord and the user will be refunded for his impacted vASTR during the re-org.

The topic can be closed.

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