Blast support for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya (Q2 & Q3 2023)

Date: Oct 19, 2023

Requested allocation: 628,651.2552 ASTR

ASTAR Account: Wwfs24NNBLsdN9BHHj29spDsq5vkjk771dxPvMrXwraLywn

Short Description: Ongoing costs for supporting Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks in BlastAPI. These costs are ongoing for as long as the Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya ecosystems need this service. The costs requested are for Q2 and Q3 2023 (from April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023).

Project Overview

Blast is Bware Labs’ API provider platform that aims to solve Web 3 infrastructure issues related to reliability and latency, by employing geographically distributed third-party nodes.

Blast offers a multi-region architecture that, along with a series of clustering and geo-location mechanisms, ensures optimal routing of user requests to the closest point of presence relative to where a call is generated.

The development and maintenance of the Blast platform are provided by a highly technical team of engineers with proven experience in both Web3 and Web2 projects.


On our multichain, subscription-based, API platform, Blast we support Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks with the following services and specifications:

  • Expose RPC and Websockets APIs for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya;
  • The Service availability is at least 99.9%;
  • 24/7 Monitoring and alerting for reduced downtime.
  • 24/7 On-call engineering support.
  • Developer support on Bware Labs Discord Channels.
  • The incoming traffic is Geo-load balanced over three regions: North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, with automated traffic routing for optimal response times.
  • The Clients that use the Public API free version of Blast are limited to 25 API Calls/second.
  • 12 Million API calls/month with a throughput of 40 API calls/second offered for free to Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya users on each dedicated Blast account
  • Total traffic supported on all subscription plans and Public API: 3700 calls/second per region per network.
  • Multi-region node hosting: Astar(EU, US, and APAC), Shiden (EU, US, and APAC), Shibuya (EU, and APAC)
  • Support for Trace methods
  • Security ensured through continuous integrity monitoring coupled with a smart routing mechanism significantly reduce the risk of malicious behavior from bad actors within the ecosystem

At the beginning of Q2 2023 we initiated the decentralization of BlastAPI. Third party nodes can join the protocol for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks, and earn rewards for their contribution. More details about this can be found here: Blast protocol - Blast Documentation 1

Public APIs:




Dedicated APIs:

The total Free usage (Public, Free Dedicated Endpoints, Subscan and Blockscout) in Q2 and Q3 2023 is 6.7 Billion total API Calls.

Average subsidized monthly API calls: 1.11B

Average subsidized daily API calls: 37M


We support Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks in Blast API platform so blockchain developers that are building their dApp on can bypass all the hurdles involved in running their own infrastructure thus reducing both their outage risks and infrastructure costs.

We’ve been supporting Shiden and Shibuya networks since 2021 and Astar network since January 2022. We will continue our support as long as the Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya ecosystems need this service.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance of the Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya nodes between April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023.

These funds will be directed to cover the costs from the infrastructure providers that are used for the Blast backend like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Hetzner, OVH, Servers. com and Digital Ocean and our internal resource cost for the support provided by our engineering team to have high quality infrastructure services for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks.

Overall Costs

A monthly cost breakdown, including infrastructure and support costs for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya networks, is as follows:

Monthly Infrastructure costs:

  • Astar 6 nodes(2 on EU, 2 on US, and 2 on APAC) $ 1421
  • Shiden 6 nodes(2 on EU, 2 on US, and 2 on APAC) $ 1421
  • Shibuya 4 nodes(2 on EU, and 2 on APAC) $ 415


  • Account maintenance and on call engineers - $1500

Total monthly infrastructure costs: $4757 rounded down to $4700

dAppStaking Rewards

We can point out that we earn an average amount of 8490 ASTR per month from the dAppStaking Rewards, meaning 50940 ASTR in Q2 and Q3 2023 that would be deducted from the requested funds.

Funds requested

The costs, from April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023, are $28,200, meaning 679,591.2552 ASTR, based on a 7-day average USD price of 0.041495531 for ASTR.

After subtracting 50,940 ASTR (dAppStaking Rewards), the funds requested through the proposal are 628,651.2552 ASTR.

Note: Requested amount value in USD decreased from $7000/month in the previous proposal to $4700/month currently


Thanks for your proposal. I would like to clarify a couple of things. You mentioned that you receive dAppStaking rewards, which you deducted from the requested amount. But do you have a collator for which you also receive rewards? Are you going to deduct these rewards as well? Also, another question: if rewards from the collator or dApp staking are being used to cover operational costs, do you think it would be fair to use the average price for the entire period from April to September (which is around 0.055 USD) instead of the 7-day average price for the current date? This is because these rewards can be sold throughout the entire period to cover the costs.

Hello @Mihai_BwareLabs,

It’s good to see your impressive work and your constant support for Astar and Shiden. Your proposal is also well detailed, which is important for our community to understand.

@fouad is right, as [Dwellir did with its proposal] (Dwellir - RPC-node services for Q3 2023 - #11 by Matt), I’d like you to also subtract your earnings from your Astar and Shiden collators and update your proposal.

Thank you

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:

I’m happy to support this proposal from our historical infra partner Blast, thank you for the efforts on reducing the costs on this proposal!

About collator, it’s been agreed that rewards don’t need to be included in RPC proposals, rewards will become neglectable from next month with new tokenomics and it seems fair not to ask this to RPC providers while other collators receive rewards for just being collators.


Hey @Gaius_sama and @fouad , thank you guys for your prompt responses. I will try to clarify your questions.

Regarding the collator rewards, as @bLd759 correctly mentioned above, they represent payment for the collator service that we provide. We are currently running a collator server with a back-up in a different cluster, we have monitoring and alerting in place for it as well as on-call engineers that make sure everything runs smoothly so being a collator is a job in itself that deserves to be paid for. Moreover, our staking and RPC businesses are separated verticals with separated revenue streams that cannot be combined.

The dAppStaking is different since it was agreed from the start with the Astar team that those rewards would be used to subsidize the Blast RPC offering. Regarding the average token price for dAppStaking in the last 7 days vs 6 months, we have simply subtracted the ASTR tokens from the total requested amount of ASTR which was done just for an easier calculation. But as a show of good faith and due to our history in the ecosystem we agree to add an extra 34% (difference from 0.041495531 to 0.055) on top of our calculated dAppStaking rewards to be subtracted, hence for ease of calculation we will consider dAppStaking rewards as 68259.6 ASTR (instead of 50940 ASTR) while the new total requested amount will be decreased to 611331.6552 ASTR (instead of 628651.2552 ASTR).

Please help with the necessary rights to update the original message or I will add a message below with the revised proposal containing the new numbers as I am not able right now to edit the proposal.

Please let us know what you think!

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Thank you for your answers. I am still happy to support this proposal.

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Thank you for these clarifications.

In that case, you have my vote :100:

The payment is executed.

Hey @Toma , thank you for the payment!
It appears that we’ve received the initial amount requested of 628,651 ASTR, but we’ve agreed above that the amount will be decreased to 611,331 ASTR.
Please help us with the ASTAR Account where we can return the difference of 17,320 ASTR.

Please send it back here: YQnbw3oWxBnCUarnbePrjFcrSgVPP2jqTZYzWcccmN8fXhd

Thank you!!

@Toma , we just sent the difference. Thank you!