Community Rule For Practical Discussion

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Astar and Shiden Governance Forum! There are a few things you should know before jumping into the discussion:

  • All our decisions should be made based on the long-term ecosystem benefits instead of the short-term individual profits. When you make a post, please include how your suggestion relates to the ecosystem benefits.
  • Respect others and convince others by data and numbers, not by random emotional comments.
  • Topics and replies with low information content will be moderated. Keeping this governance board clear and simple is the key to our successful discussion.
  • Moderators will remove posts that are offensive or are otherwise irrelevant to this forum.
  • People who do not follow the rules will be banned immediately.

This forum is dedicated to discussions on Astar and Shiden governance. Relevant topics include:

  • Builders Program
  • Token Economics
  • Technical Updates
  • Technical Integrations
  • Governance

This forum is NOT the place for:

  • Price Discussion
  • Support requests

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