Guidelines and Rules for Social Media

It is time for us to consider having rules and guidelines for social media. I have borrowed from Ben Trans work on the subreddits and added a bit from Google’s policy.

The inclusion of Terms of Service from other platforms should cover most situations without us needing to post everything in our main list.

Please let me know any thoughts or additions?

Astar / Shiden Network Community Rules & Guidelines V 1.0 26th of October 2021


Please make sure to accept the rules of this community before posting or commenting:

  • No inappropriate behavior: everyone on Astar Social Groups and Channels must follow the Telegram Terms Of Service, Reddit Content Policy, Twitter Terms of Service and Terms of Service | Discord at all times.
  • The primary topic is Astar Network and Shiden Network: the discussion should be about Shiden or Astar Network and its ecosystem only.
  • No malicious content: malware, phishing, spam or scam will result in your account being banned without warning.
  • Be excellent to each other: remember there is a human behind each post, each comment, development decision and line of code written. Adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life.
  • Be helpful. Your voice is your contribution – make it productive.


You are invited to follow these guidelines to maintain a friendly, interesting, safe and relevant community:

  • Link to canonical and persistent URLs where possible.
  • Report posts and comments not respecting the rules.
  • Search for previous answers please use the search function to check for previously asked questions to save everyone else’s time.
  • Always seek to add value where you can.


  • Stay alert. Read How to Protect Yourself from Scams
  • There is no token giveaway or airdrop.
  • Anybody who is willing to help will do it publicly.
  • Report private messages saying that they want to help you.

We all want to be part of a cool, friendly and productive community so please help build that with your behaviour.


Thanks, @Hidden_Meaning for the post. Does social Media mean Twitter, Discord, and Telegram in this case?