Dapps Staking on Astar zkEVM

Hello everyone. I would like to open the possibility with the following post to the debate about Astar zkEVM Dapps Staking. The cryptocurrency industry moves extremely fast, which is why it is necessary to always be developing and innovating new technologies. Astar has always been characterized by being a leader in the previously mentioned. I think it is essential to take the step forward and have Astar Dapps Staking and our special Build2Earn program available on Astar zkEVM directly. That said, I leave open the possibility to continue the debate on this topic here. :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be awesome… I think the best way is incentivizing a dApp to provide a liquid staking reward system once ASTR is a Substrate native token (Polkadot).

Before Astar launched EVM dApp Staking on Polkadot the only choice for EVM staking was trough ALGEM - liquid staking dApp.

I am not sure if developing something similar on zkEVM is in mind for Astar Core Team but EVM staking was not a milestone either, and it was delivered.


Hello, Amil!
I think it’s great that you are already raising a conversation for this very important topic which is to include the Astar zkEVM network in our dApp staking program. I think that internally the team must already be thinking about this, even before the launch of the network itself.

I fully support the idea, there are some limitations as @pitcoin777 mentions and the core time should already have something planned.


It’s an interesting, strategic question.
I guess the team have it mind.
I would say it’s about balancing Astar, ZKEVM and Polkadot interest.

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They had an idea to unify all accounts so it would be possible to do dapp staking with just one account (EVM/Native + zkEVM), but I’m not sure if it’s going to be implemented.

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Thank you for providing the topic.
I have also thought about this matter. It may require careful consideration.

This is because, within the ASTR ecosystem, the Astar Network and Astar zkEVM are already collaborating in terms of tokenomics. Furthermore, EVM Staking is now possible, so it is also compatible from the perspective of EVM-based applications. “dApp Staking” is a unique system, so there is a desire to keep staking with ASTR.

It would be interesting, both strategically and technically, if further integration of cross-chain progresses and developers and stakers can seamlessly use the existing dApp Staking from the Astar zkEVM side in the future.

Regarding this topic, I would also like to hear the opinions of veteran web3 and crypto experts.


You can indirectly participate in dApp Staking via vASTR on Bifrost from the Astar zkEVM side. However, currently, while you can receive rewards from dApp Staking, the voting is delegated to Bifrost. I believe that the fastest way to enable dApp Staking directly from the Astar zkEVM side is to lobby Bifrost to change this mechanism.


There are several ways to participate in dApp Staking from on Astar zkEVM, but the least burdensome would be to use LayerZero for messaging and participate in dApp Staking on Astar Substrate EVM.

As long as the distribution of rewards is derived from Astar Substrate’s on-chain logic, it is difficult to complete on Astar zkEVM. Using off-chain logic would be a relatively low hurdle to implement cross-chain, but it is not desirable.

At this time, Bifrost offers a solution as vASTR, so the fastest way to do this would be to be able to choose where to vote, etc. at this time.