Liquid Staking on Astar Network with dApp staking

Hello everyone. This is Sota from Astar team. One of the ideas which I am personally excited about and not built yet on Astar is a liquid staking solution like Lido.

The idea is to issue sASTR (stakedASTR or maybe LASTR?) when people stake on dApps through the platform we build.

Then, the platform stakes ASTR on dApps through dApp staking. The core team is going to decide which dApp they will lock ASTR. In the future, it might be interesting to issue a governance token and the governance decides which dApp to lock. Since stakers can get staking rewards through the dApp staking, the platform can distribute the reward to users. It may also be an interesting idea to take a management fee here.

Some challenges

  • make a smart contract to issue sASTR
  • The dev can make the contract with Solidity but this contract needs to be deployed on Astar EVM. Since dApp staking is only supported by the Polkadot.js accounts at this moment, we need to connect the Polkadot.js address with Metamask address. This can be possible by using Astar Pass.

How do you see the liquid staking in the context of mid term WASM smart contracts?

Very good idea :+1: It is very important to come up with a model of governance tokens, the correct distribution, functions, incentives for voting, etc.

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The wasm pallet contract needs to be supported and it takes months. We can make this this month on our EVM.

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If you are interested in building, check out this bounty:


Hi Sota, it’s a great idea here. But How about astr that were locked for crowdloan (+ eth lockdroppers)?

Since we can stake our lock fund on our dapp stake. I fear that this s-Astr will ruined the whole ASTR tokenomic itself.

But if locked vested fund can not be transferred into s-Astr, obviously I support the idea

sASTR is only for the circulating ASTR tokens. It is not possible to support lockdrop tokens and I don’t have a reason to support the locked ASTR tokens.


Liquiding staking been part of astar dapp staking ,it will rich ASTAR dapp staing ECO better

Rather than creating new governance token & adding one more token lets give that utility to “Astar” itself just like Polygon gives single “MATIC” token every utility. Astar holders can in future decide which Dapp to support.

Plus could you ensure 30% of reward is perfomance based so that lazy builders dont get incentives for free.

So 30% rewards of dApps are only to be released after lets say periodic review of 3months where if progress is seen, promises achieved then only they get reward otherwise if there are faults, lies, bad builders then all rewards to be distributed among Asrtr stakers & not builder dApps.

This is valuable feedback but this topic is out of the scope for this thread. It would be great if you make another thread.

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