DeForm - Astar dApp staking proposal


Hey Astar community! My name is Kei and I’m the co-founder of DeForm. I’ve been a long-time supporter of the Astar community - in fact, I was one of the first validators of the testnet of the Plasm network, before the rebrand to Astar. Huge fan of the vision and the community since day 1, and very hopeful that we’ll be able to contribute to the ecosystem!

Project Overview

DeForm powers go-to-market initiatives for blockchain companies. When blockchain marketers think about marketing, they need distribution, engagement, lead generation, and filtering to the most valuable users. DeForm can help marketers with all of that - many marketers use DeForm to build onchain allowlists, signup forms, airdrops and giveaways, applications, trivias, and more. We’ll get into specific examples in the “Past Performance & Milestones” section, including how we’ve worked with the Astar ecosystem :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are simple reasons why blockchain marketers love using DeForm:

:star: Eliminate engineering costs spent on building custom forms, surveys, signup forms, allowlists, scripts, blockchain queries

:star: Elevate your brand. DeForm is fully customizable to your brand and voice.

:star: Prevent bots and unwanted leads.

:star: Save time from sanitizing data

:star: Best in-class support: devs on call during business critical operations (i.e. launches). Here until you’re happy.


At DeForm, we want to power go-to-market initiatives for blockchain companies. We want to be best no-code tool for marketers to be able to engage with their audience and community. We believe that we can be the best marketing tool for both the Astar core team and all Astar ecosystem projects, so that they can engage with the most valuable audience.


Kei Yoshikoshi - Co-founder

7+ years in the blockchain industry; ex-Microsoft Software Engineer on the Azure Blockchain team; ex-Founding Engineer of a B2B enterprise software startup in San Francisco; Duke University Computer Science & Electrical Engineering graduate

LinkedIn: Kei Yoshikoshi - Contribution Labs | LinkedIn


Catherine Chang - Co-founder

Ex-product lead at Atlassian on the Atlassian Ventures Team; ex-Founding Product Manager of a B2B enterprise software startup in San Francisco; UC Berkeley Computer Science

LinkedIn: Catherine S. Chang - DeForm | LinkedIn


Albert Hu - Product Engineer & Growth Lead

Twitter influencer @thatguyintech; Ex-DevRel at Alchemy; ex-Software Engineer at Samsara; UC Berkeley Computer Science

LinkedIn: Albert Hu - Contribution Labs | LinkedIn



As we work with renowned large enterprises and with our engineering experience at large Silicon Valley-based tech firms, we take security & compliance with the utmost care. We have recently completed our SOC2 Type 2 audit to indicate our security & comliance proficiency. The audit report is being finalized and we will share it on our website once it is ready.

Past Performance & Milestones

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the best crypto marketing teams in the industry, working with over 100 teams for various marketing engagements. The below is just some of the best that we’ve worked with, but there are a ton more that we could not list at the moment, or are upcoming (keep an eye out for awesome launches)!

For more details on how exactly we’ve worked with some of the above, please take a look at our blog: We’re also doing a very cool marketing initiative with the amazing sponsors of ETH Denver, so if you’re coming to the conference, please find us :slightly_smiling_face:

How we’ve worked with the Astar team

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a close relation to the Astar marketing team. The Astar foundation has launched a few forms via DeForm, including the Astar zkEVM signup form and the Astar zkEVM launch 1st edition capsule form (with more capsule forms incoming!)

In addition, we believe that we can provide a fundamental marketing service for other dApp-staking dApps in the Astar ecosystem. We can provide beautiful & whitelabeled forms, bot prevention, wallet integrations, Astar tokens / NFT gating, social account integrations, and more. The app is self-serve and you can onboard at any time, but we’re always happy to hop on a direct call with any Astar ecosystem projects, so please DM me if you have any questions!


  1. Continue building out form-related features, as requested on our public roadmap board:
  2. Build out more onchain reward features, such as NFT minting
  3. Related to the above, build out more top-of-the-funnel engagement and distribution features, such as quests, actions, and conditional rewards
  4. Build out more data analytic features to make data processing easier for marketers

dApp Staking Reward

In general the ASTR dApp staking rewards will offset the costs of development. Here’s a detailed list of what we would do with the rewards:

  • Continuous development of DeForm features and capabilities on our roadmap. Our roadmap is public and anyone can vote on features (
  • Ensure that the security and compliance of our platform is maintained, with rigorous security practices and continuous stress-testing of the platform
  • Interface and work with any Astar-based projects to help them onboard and make them as successful as we’ve made our existing customers in the web3 ecosystem
  • Run any marketing initiatives for brand awareness of the product and for the discoverability of DeForm forms & future quests to add value to blockchain marketers



Full support!

This is not only a top-notch and professional team, but so is the product they deliver. It’s hands down my favorite out of the many survey/forms that I’ve tried and the only one that deeply caters to us in the web3 biz. They keep adding and improving on an already polished product and it has already helped us a bunch with the upcoming zkEVM launch.


Rooting for you guys, great job!


Hey Kei!

I’m so happy to see what you guys are building with Deform. You have my support :100:


very happy to see DeForm on Astar


DeForm is a great product that helped and supported us during the Astar zkEVM testnet launch, I was pleased with that. I have seen their progress so I am very supportive and excited that they have been encouraged to join our program, I hope they can be listed!


The product is great, and the team has had success in different blockchains. It has become my go-to option for marketing.

One of the most important qualities of DeForm is the team culture. They’ve always been willing to chat, solve problems, and work directly with different teams. So, when Kei says ‘we’re always happy to hop on a direct call with any Astar ecosystem projects, so please DM me if you have any questions!’ he means it!

I’ll support the proposal!


Nice one! nice to see Astar on Deform.


Deform offers a good service to boost Astar communities, your participation in the ecosystem is very important! All my support


It is very good, especially in terms of security. However, I would like to ask a few more questions:

  1. How does the project generate income and expenses?

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors?

  3. What is the team’s contingency plan in case of a data breach?


hey @BoomBLB! Thanks for asking great questions, and happy to answer them below!

  1. How does the project generate income and expenses?

    We currently generate income through a subscription SaaS model (DeForm - Web3 Forms, Surveys, and CRM). We also do offer enterprise plans for folks who need customized solutions.

    As for expenses, at the moment it is mostly development & maintenance costs. Moving forward we will incur expenses with subsidizing NFT mints.

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors?

    As far as lead qualification features with web3 capabilities go, we have seen some embedded form products within a product, but none that is purely a web3 form. Indirectly, we see larger form providers like Google Forms and Typeform are in the same business of allowing people to create forms, but we feel that our capabilities to allow high-fidelity lead qualification and filtering is superior.

  3. What is the team’s contingency plan in case of a data breach?

    As part of our SOC2 audit process, we have received penetration tests to ensure this does not happen, but to make sure we know how to react during this catastrophic situations, as a team we have run through certain exercises.

    At a high-level, here’s what we would do in such a case:

    • activation of a dedicated response team comprising security, legal, and communication experts (we do have an on-call team at all times)
    • identify and isolate breach
    • promptly notify all affected parties (in compliance with laws), detailed comms about breach’s nature, affected data, and also protective steps.
    • remediation & recovery - eradication of vulnerabilities and restoration of services, and review / improvement of security policies and procedures.
    • ongoing customer support & monitoring for system reliability & security
    • any legal compliance & cooperation, especially around data protection laws & regulations

Please let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

List DeForm in dApp Staking
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  • No
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Glad to support the wonderful team like DeForm!

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Voted aye on this proposal.

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I see your points. Thank you so much for your clarification =)

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I like the graphic style of DeForm , plus having another web2 onboarding dApp on Astar may be a good way to bring more users and adoption.
Just one thought , do you intend to create a sort of DeForm University to explain and guide users in the complex world of blockchain? I think it may be beneficial for both, Astar and DeForm :grin:
Voted YES , welcome to Astar :handshake: :star2:


Voted yes.
Thank you for supporting Astar since the Plasm era.
Also, thank you for providing an amazing tool. I appreciate your contribution.

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Congratulations! @kei :tada:

The voting is passed. To proceed with the registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native Astar wallet with some transferrable 10 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.
  4. Fill the form to be added to the Ecosystem Page on the Astar Network website. Link:
  5. Share your horizontal logo to prepare an announcement to our community.

We will whitelist your addresses for dApp Staking.


Thanks @Gaius_sama and everyone for voting for us! Truly an honor to join the ecosystem :slight_smile:

Sharing the following info!

Submitted the ecosystem project registration form as well!

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Congrats!!! Let we make great things together =)