Community member looking to start an exchange that uses Dapp staking as intended. Help?


I am a long term member of the Astar community member, and over the last two years I’ve been trying to flesh out an idea for a project/dapp that would harness Dapp staking in a way that would allow value to be driven directly toward the end user (instead of another Dapp that farms its users for profit). And I’m ready to finally pursue building and launching this dapp on Astar/Shiden.

This project is a very simple exchange that is directly inspired by the AstarDegens Vision Statement. The hope is that this project will upend the ‘old school’ Web3 exchanges that use their protocol tokens and fees in a predatory fashion, in order to farm their users for profits. Instead this token-less protocol/Dapp wouldn’t be set up to profit off its users. It’s earnings/sustainment would solely rely on dapp staking, and would aim to be Dotsama’s first profit-less exchange.

This project start with one simplistic smart contract, and slowly/methodically grow into a larger exchange once its safety and functionality has been proven to the community.

I am confident enough in my coding abilities no know that this project will work, but I am not confident enough in my abilities to subject other peoples money to my coding.

Few questions…

What is the best way for me to find a reputable, trustworthy developer that wont get greedy?

At what stage would I formally request support from Ambassadors and Astar building pipeline?


During this process, as a developer and project manager at Neurolanche, we went through a challenging period. Our biggest problem in the development of Astar Strike was the fear of not finding a sufficient developer network. In this process, we spoke with blockchain clubs at universities and companies in different fields.

Later, we made a deal with illumates studio, a company established by students who recently graduated from Hacettepe University and had developed four mobile games.

During this process, we considered everything from GitHub activities to their academic careers. My biggest advice is to work with young people who have vision. This is because the main goal of young developers is to develop their vision and gain experience. Financial concerns come second.


I greatly support what my colleague @Leo mentions. I add the following:

As a developer I don’t feel greedy but I have come across cases where I do. My advice to you is, find someone with similar ideals to yours, show them what is the real value behind the project, beyond the money. Besides that, touching on the financial issue, I would advise you to look for a way to make money also a main entity, at the end of the day we are exchanging time and for me it is extremely valuable.