Develop meme trading robot on Astar chain1

To: Astar Foundation

Subject: Proposal for Collaboration: Developing a Telegram Trading Bot on the Astar Network

Dear Astar Foundation Team,

Greetings! As a developer with a deep passion for blockchain technology, I have been a long-term follower and supporter of the Astar network. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for your exceptional contributions to decentralizing applications and the smart contract platform. The Astar network, with its efficiency and flexibility, has attracted a wide array of developers and projects, contributing immense value to the blockchain world.

I am reaching out to propose a collaboration with the Astar Foundation to co-develop a Telegram trading bot for the Astar network. With the evolution of blockchain technology and the increasing popularity of digital currency trading, there’s a growing demand among community members and investors for convenient and efficient trading tools. We believe that developing a trading bot that operates on Telegram will not only provide a convenient trading gateway for users on the Astar chain, enhancing user experience but will also bring the following benefits to the Astar network:

  1. Enriching Interactions on the Astar Chain: The Telegram bot would allow users to conduct transactions, query prices, receive market updates more conveniently, enriching interaction methods on the Astar chain and enhancing user engagement.

  2. Attracting More New Users: As Telegram is a widely used communication platform in the cryptocurrency community, promoting the Astar chain’s trading bot on Telegram could attract more new users interested in blockchain technology and digital currencies, injecting fresh blood into the Astar network.

  3. Promoting Community Building: The trading bot could serve as a new channel for Astar community interaction, organizing trading competitions, airdrops, and other activities through the bot to increase community cohesion and activity.

  4. Enhancing the Visibility and Usage Rate of the Astar Chain: The convenient services provided by the Telegram bot could enhance the visibility and appeal of the Astar chain, further increasing on-chain activities and transaction volume, boosting the network’s value and competitiveness.

To achieve these goals, I hope to receive support and guidance from the Astar Foundation. My team and I are willing to undertake the development work, but we need the Foundation’s assistance in technical guidance, financial support, and subsequent promotion.

I believe that through our joint efforts, we can successfully implement this project and bring more vitality and growth potential to the Astar network. I look forward to your reply, hoping to further discuss the possibilities and details of this project and cooperation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. I am excited about the opportunity to co-create the future with the Astar Foundation!

Warmest regards,

Astar Doge

Hello @AstarDoge,

This is an interesting proposal that could benefit the Astar ecosystem.

To be connected to the Astar Foundation and receive support from the core team, you can submit your proposal using the form on the Astar website: Contact Us | Astar Network - Connecting Web3 to You

For technical advice, please refer to our documentation or contact our builders on Susbstrate Stack Exchange (tag: Astar) or Astar Discord.

For financial support, you can apply for a Treasury funding, dApp Staking integration or by joining the Unstoppable Community Grant Program.

Good luck in building your project on Astar Network :astar:

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