Astar Unofficial - dApp Staking Proposal


GM Astar.

Project Overview:

The Astar Unofficial Telegram was launched on 1st October 2020 as a place to discuss anything Astar related. At our highest point we had 1,500ish members but has since dropped to a loyal community of 768.

Past Performance & Milestones:

Since October 2020:

2.9GB of data has been trasferred through our telegram.

64383 total messages sent.

49.34 messages per day on average.

4,027 photos.

2,313 videos.

2,898 stickers/gifs.

  • more!


We have helped many people with questions about the Astar ecosystem.

Educated many on the importance of security. (And even saved some users from scams.)

We have a strong community that is always willing to discuss any questions, opinions or ideas.

This mission will continue forever.


Special thanks to our 12 amazing moderators.

Koshi - This guy knows everything about ‘AI generative art’.

Dennis - Astar enthusiast.

Moon-bearer - apeXchimpz

Dustin - DeStore Network

Josiah - DeStore Network

Soulstar - Substrate enthusiast

Leo - Neurolanche

GuitarMan - Appreciated active community member!

Ramz - Degen

PitCoin - Astar Ambassador

John - Lockdrop OG

BUTTER (ME) - I discovered Astar through the desire to build a Plasm network. I participated in Lockdrop 1,2 & 3. I’ve been building and hosting metaverse events for Astar in decentraland since 2021. Including a quiz, card game, social network and a way of sending Astar transactions in-game.


I want to build an AI telegram bot that can help moderate the chat:

The bot will use an openAI API to help reply to messages and detect/delete spam quickly.

I also want to forward messages from the official Astar Telegram to our group.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

I will use the rewards from dApp staking to pay for the OpenAI API calls and to maintain a dedicated server.

Any extra $ will be used to expand the bot to other places.

Possibilities such as:

Integrating the bot in to the astar docs/website.

Joining other telegram channels in the polkadot ecosystem. (Increasing awareness for Astar)

Why dApp Staking?:

Increase awareness about our telegram chat.

I don’t expect to be a high earning dapp (Tier 4) but would be happy to earn to fund some development.


First forum post about the group:

Decentraland events:

Current decentraland build:

My Github:

If you’ve read this far then go ahead and join the Astar Unofficial Telegram group:

Appreciate any suggestions or feedback.




This is a very interesting application of AI. Could you please provide some more information?

  1. What is the target number of users for the project?

  2. Spam detection and deletion is a great feature that should reduce the workload for the team. What are the benefits for users, besides making them more secure?

Thanks for the Qs.

  1. The main Astar telegram was set to read-only (because of spam) and has 20,000+ members. This could potentially be opened up again if the bot can handle it. I would estimate the combined members in the Polkadot ecosystem is about 200,000.
  2. So it’s not just Spam detection but also just general Astar questions.
    the way it would work is:
    Someone posts a message like:
    “How can I send my Astar to Astar zkEVM?”
    The bot would copy that message. And send the question to our custom AI via the server (API).
    Receive a result. (I pay a small fee)
    Example result: {Spam?:“No”, OP?:“How…”, Result:“Use the stargate bridge [link]”, Reply?:“Yes”, Channel:“Astar”}
    That goes back to the server to filter.
    Then returns the answer to the user.
    If it’s a comment like “Wen Moon?” then the server might not reply. :laughing:

I think it’s important that users receive quick communication when a user is unsure about something. This will keep them engaged and hopefully keep them as a long term user.

For me, its a great Telegram group to inform more people, even though it’s not official, it has good value for the ecosystem. It would be interesting to have more features like weekly community meetings there on VC, or some polls and help for content engagement for different dApps.

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Thank you for contributing to the ecosystem since the days of Plasm Network.
As far as I remember, there hasn’t been a case where an SNS community is listed in dApp Staking, but considering the past contributions and roadmap, I believe it deserves to be listed in dApp Staking.

Awesome!!! Thank you so much for your clarification =)

I think it’s great the work the telegram channel has done, the amount of messages reflects the flow of interactions within the channel. I would love to know some details of your proposal:

  1. who will program the bot? It seems to me that this is not clear, although you share us your GitHub I don’t see a part where you mention this.
  2. What data will you feed the chatbot with?
  3. Are you clear about the API maintenance costs? Keeping this chatbot running will have some associated costs, do you think you can show us how this will look like?
  1. I’ve downloaded other peoples telegram bots before but never built my own.
    I’ve been working with GPT api’s since they came out and I can pretty much do anything with a server. So it should come together relatively quickly. I am part of an AI secret society as well that I will run this by. I know some of them are unemployed so maybe they’ll be up for helping as well. :+1:
  2. The plan is to feed it with information from the docs and the discord.
  3. I’m going to start cheap… $10 server + (est. $1 a day for API calls.) This could serve my group but if I want to scale it up to other channels then it will be more… See how it goes…

Thanks for the support :muscle:


Hi Butter,

glad to see your dApp Staking proposal for the community!

  1. It seems that some of the telegram bot offers also generative AI based bot, I was wondering if you have any comparison between them? It would be great to have such and get specific features for the community.

  2. Just curious if you see more engagement these days in the unofficial group?

  3. It would be also great to expand the bot not only for the Polkadot ecosystem but also for other EVM-based ecosystems so that we can expect completely new comers onto the Astar network ecosystem.

Same questions which was already raised, otherwise it’s good idea.

Thanks for the tough questions :heart:

  1. Generative AI is based more around the generation of content. The plan was more focused on receiving the content from the AI directly… I don’t think GA is needed for this task. However I’ll ask Koshi (the expert :laughing:) maybe he has some ideas…
    I know of the Rose Bot which is good at moderation but doesn’t teach users.
    If there is a bot that does what I want then it would be quite expensive. I honestly don’t think it exists.
  2. The chat has it’s phases. People were excited in Feb for the zkEVM so we had 2100 messages. But march has dropped back down to 700 messages. I guess in general it follows the price of ASTR as well. :sweat_smile:
  3. Will definitely look into expanding across more ecosystems in the blockchain space. I do love education and there is a lot of education needed in blockchain. If other projects want to promote our astar bot then it’s good marketing for us but it needs to make sense financially.

Hi Butter,

Thanks for the quick responses, and I agree that some were tough to answer :sweat_smile:. Indeed, the number of messages in general tends to follow the price in either way in an aggressive manner.

Making a Astar oriented bot seems interesting and I found it valuable. But perhaps you also could be contacting the devs of Astari on the Discord server. It is not entirely the same, but you might also get some idea what to be implemented and realized in the telegram bot.

Hello @ERC20s,

I always support community initiatives, but I don’t think Astar Unofficial should be listed in dApp Staking.

The purpose of dApp Staking is to support applications or infrastructure projects building or contributing to the Astar ecosystem and more specifically to the growth of the blockchain. While support communities are important, they don’t contribute directly to on-chain growth.

Listing a community support chat in dApp Staking would open the door to applications from any existing communities which doesn’t make sense in terms of the dApp Staking concept.

On Astar’s network, we have a community treasury which is a better way of providing financial support for community initiatives such a community management groups.

Regarding your roadmap, if you’re building a bot that can index on-chain data to help Astar users and that will be used across our various Telegram communities, that could be a good argument to start a dApp Staking application.

  1. The main Astar telegram was set to read-only (because of spam) and has 20,000+ members. This could potentially be opened up again if the bot can handle it. I would estimate the combined members in the Polkadot ecosystem is about 200,000.

This channel is managed by the Astar Foundation and will remain read-only, as community support is handled in Discord and managing a large community on Telegram is inefficient and chaotic.

Integrating the bot in to the astar docs/website.

The foundation already uses Astari on the website, Discord and soon the documentation. Astari is an AI bot that has already indexed the documentation and most of the content of the Astar Network ecosystem.

Overall, I’m open to support your contributions to the ecosystem, but by other means and not through dApp Staking, which should only be available to projects that have shown exceptional on-chain contributions to our network.

This is only my personal opinion, please do not take this post as a statement from the foundation.

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Astar is in one of them positions where the price could 10x+ as well :muscle:
So always good to be prepared. Just incase.

Yes Astari is a cool tool. The communication part would be similar but I will try to integrate it more naturally into the conversation to help real-time problems + moderation.

I can understand this perspective.


  1. I believe we’ve contributed to on-chain growth.
  2. I don’t think there are any other community chats on telegram that aren’t a mask for scammers. :sweat_smile:
  3. I could ask for community treasury but I think the value received from dapp staking is a better way of managing the financial side of the project. Currently Tier 4 is 66.781 ASTR per day. * 30 * $0.09285 = $186.018 a month. I think it’s a reasonable price for a reasonable job. I’m all ears for funding but prefer this method.
  4. I don’t see why we wouldn’t open up the original telegram chat if there’s a bot that can handle moderation in real-time. We have community members falling victim to scams everyday because users are seeking information from malicious sources. Managing a telegram is not an easy task but it can be done correctly if the right people are in charge. I would say Discord is about the same for spam.
  5. Astari is doing a good job. Adding my ai to the docs is not my priority but it’s a possibility.
  6. I like bulletpoints :laughing:

Will join the Telegram to gather some further insight on this! Didn’t know something like this existed.

Would love to see more use-cases for the dApp Staking Rewards if this goes through.

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Thank you for the proposal.
As an old time Astar supporting OG, I respect you.

As for this proposal, it seems difficult to judge whether to adopt it as dApp Staking. Since it is more like a public good, it may be better to consider it as a separate category.
Personally, the already proposed sub-treasury of on-chain governance seems most appropriate.

However, we do not currently have this system. Therefore, it seems suitable to have the actual BOT created and run on Telegram and retroactively fund it.

Also, in the case of dApp Staking, it is not that easy to get into Tier 4. Therefore, it may not be possible to cover the costs.

I did actually build a dapp as well :sweat_smile:

So cute!!! Thank you so much for your update =)

Thanks all for the support. :muscle:
I have been testing stuff this last week and I’m confident I can offer a lot more for the ASTR ecosystem.