New Ticker for Astar Network

Hi everyone, how about following tickers? Please vote or add your suggestions. Thanks :blush:

  1. A 3-character ticker is popular so it is difficult to have the ticker that has not been used by other project. These days, many projects add a numeric character in their token ticker.

1ST (A star = 1 star) :smiley:
AS2 (2: comes from “T” coz T is No.20 in English character. 20 -->2+0=2) :innocent:
AS3 (3: comes from the sum of “TAR” (T:20, A:1, R:18). 20+1+18–>2+1+9–>12–>3) :thinking:
A4N (4: comes from the sum of “STAR” (S:19,T:20,A:1,R:18)) :sweat_smile:

  1. Use 2-character ticker :heart_eyes:
    AS, AN, or A4 (4: comes from the sum of “STAR” )

Will add more if found any good ticker :sunglasses:


I like:

A* = A Star (asterisk). I haven’t seen any other project ticker with *. Also not sure if this is possible.

*N = * stands for A Star (1 asterisk). N stands for Network.

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“Astar +Network” must be related. We need to figure out come on everyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Number can be used for a ticker?

Yes: 1inch price today, 1INCH live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap


It’s possible to include a number. I saw some ERC20 tokens on Kucoin and Binance as well.
However, it seems like including a number in the ticker is not popular among users.
How about below 3 letter long ticker? :grinning:

AHN ( A Hoshi Network, Hoshi=star) :medal_military:
ANP ( Astar Network Polkadot parachain/Parachain)
AAN (A And N)

Is Astar Network a reference to A Star Network? Which is centralised with a single point of Failure.

And if not then what is it a reference to? Maybe A1 as it’s memorable.

This is a completely different project. We didn’t decide the ticker yet but the ticker needs to be the one that no one uses in the market.