Open HRMP Channel Between Astar Network and SORA

We propose to open HRMP communication between Astar Network and SORA. This will require actions on both chains.


We propose to open a bi-directional channel between Astar Network and SORA. The primary use cases will be:

  1. To transfer Astar’s ecosystem assets to SORA so they can be privatized and transferred confidentially and anonymously.
  2. $XOR and other SORA network assets can be transferred to Astar to be used in the ecosystem of Astar Network and the protocols build on top of the network.


There is no on-chain proposal. The proposal created in this forum acts as an official proposal between SORA and Astar Network.

Technical details (WIP)

The procedure for opening the channels is as follows:

  1. SORA initializes a proposal to open SORA Polkadot to the Astar Network HRMP channel via the Astar forum.
  2. Wait until the proposal on step 1 gets approved & enacted.
  3. Onboard your testnet on the Rococo relay chain and exchange public endpoints and parachain-ids.
  4. Wait until onboarding was successful on testnet.
  5. Shiden Network proposes to accept the SORA Polkadot parachain to Astar Network HRMP channel and open an Astar Network to SORA Polkadot HRMP channel via [Astar MuliSig Governance Batch call].
  6. Wait until the proposal on step 5 gets approved & enacted.
  7. SORA accepts the Astar Network to SORA Polkadot HRMP channel.
  8. Wait for another session on Polkadot/ for the change to be effective.

These extrinsics need to be called with the parachain’s sovereign account as the origin. To achieve this, on the SORA Polkadot side we will use polkadot-xcm pallet to send XCM message to the relay chain, by executing the following extrinsic from the parachain. Astar Network should make an open request call and an accept request call with its pallet.

As a prerequisite, the parachain’s sovereign account must contain at least 10 DOT/ to be locked as collateral (5/or/10 for each channel direction), plus some DOT to pay for XCM execution fees.


Thank you for your proposal and I am glad to see SORA here.

SORA has long been a pioneer in the development of this field and specializes in financial and monetary systems in particular.

I welcome the opening of the HRMP channel with SORA!


Glad to see more proposals focused on the other parachains connection. I’m simply curious about which will be the next step once the channel will be opened. Which are the possible developments and how both networks can beneficiate from each other ?

I don’t have a deep knowledge about SORA and I’m curious about Your answer @catswithouthats :slight_smile: :handshake:

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Without doubles, I support this proposal 100%

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Hi @catswithouthats
Thanks for your proposal.
Generally I am always for opening HRMP Channel but if the HRMP is open, it must be used.
Otherwise, Astar Core Team must work and maintain an open HRMP uselessly.

I remember we voted to open an HRMP Channel beetwen Shiden and SORA and I asked you, if the proposal is voted, the SDN could be bridged between Shiden/Sora directly in Polkaswap?

And you replied

YES SDN will be available directly on Polkaswap, and vice versa; SORA network tokens will be available for Shiden users on their chain.

Today, I was not able to bridge SDN from Shiden to SORA network via Polkaswap.
So before voting, please could you do an update about the HRMP Channel between Shiden Network and SORA?
Thanks in advance.


Hello @GuiGou , and thank you for your question.
There was a mixup in governance and the HRMP to Astar was open instead of the one to Shiden.
We are working on this with the SORA Kusama governance to have the channel open and running as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for your diligence and flagging this.

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Hello, and thank you for your question.
The main advantage here is that the Astar token would be listed on Polkaswap, where it will be available for more people to access. Additionally, Astar community members can open liquidity pools to avail their tokens for SORA community members.
There are also bridges to Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, and soon to other EVM networks in case users need to send their tokens beyond SORA.
We are open to collaborating with Astar in any and every way. If the community has something in mind, we are happy to discuss it!

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Open HRMP Channel between Astar and Sora
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  • No
  • Abstain
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Ok, so does that mean that there is already a dedicated HRMP channel for the connection between Astar and SORA? If so, is this proposal to open another one?

Hello @Juminstock ,
No, this means that we made the proposal on-chain to Astar by mistake, but the channel is not open until this proposal is approved.
Additionally, since the one to Shiden has been approved, we are working on making that on-chain proposal ASAP.


Oh rigth, I got it! Thank you for the quickly response.

No problem at all @Juminstock, happy to answer any questions!

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Voted yes.
I think it’s a valuable proposal for the Astar ecosystem.

I haven’t used Polkaswap and with this connection I will give it a try for sure . Voted YES :handshake:

Voted yes. I believe this proposal is beneficial for the Astar ecosystem.

Voted YES! Interoperability is the key.

Voted yes aswell, hadn’t had the time to answer. Looking forward to the possible collabs it will bring to both ecosystems! :slight_smile: