Please report. Not sure if have to report or report me the problem

Really im using the faucet ande have enougt to compile but im having trouble connecting subwallet or other no metamask at chain ide or other. I send to metamask but experiencing problems startin on no 0x wallets. I would compile “hello world” on a 5x so i have a lot of empty wallet and first steps stay me fridget.

Have a nice day and hope implore attention by my poor english.

Hello @treebtc :slight_smile: You may find a really good tutorial about Chain IDE here

If You need any extra help or anything else I may suggest to join Astar Discord as well

I have just tried the Faucet under:
It works, can you try again?

I think you can’t have any SBY in your balance to get something from the faucet. Please check if you already have some coins.

If it still does not work, it would be probably easier to join astars discord where we can help you directly! :slight_smile:

Hello @treebtc, the faucet has been refilled. You can try again to get SBY tokens.

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