Rebranding from Plasm to Aarth

The core team would like to rebrand from Plasm Network to Aarth Network with a new logo. Here are some reasons why we would like to do this!

Aarth is not fixed. Let me know if you have a better idea

Plasm is not Plasma
Because of the name “Plasm”, this product is considered to be a layer 2 or a project related to layer 2. However, Plasm is a scalable smart contract platform on Polkadot. Layer2 is not the main feature but just a supplementary feature. This name often misleads new developers, media, and investors. From our perspective, layer2 is not so needed for Polkadot Network for the next 2 years since Polkadot itself is a scaling solution. As long as it is considered a layer 2 project, the future of Plasm will not be bright. That’s why we need to rebrand.

The earlier, the better
So, why we rebrand Plasm now? First of all, the earlier we rebrand (before launching the mainnet), the better for the ecosystem. We have a lot of tracking records in the Polkadot ecosystem and Plasm is well-known project in Polkadot. So, we will use “Aarth (Previously Plasm)” when we introduce this project publicly and during the Polkadot auction. Secondly, we would like to change the name before listing tokens because in the long run, the token ticker and the name will be different if we change the name after listing the token. (Example: Polygon ($Matic), AAVE ($LEND). The name Aarth is derived from Earth. Earth is the platform for living things. Aarth is the platform of smart contracts and applications. This name starts from AA. So, it is easy to find for all people.

Name: Aarth Network. We will use “Aarth (previously Plasm)” for months after the rebrand just like Polygon (previously Matic)
When: After Shiden secures Kusama Parachain.
How: Need to be discussed.

Discussion Topics

  • Should we rebrand the name?
  • Should we rebrand the name NOW?
  • Aarth is the best name for us?

Rebranding is needed. Until the auction on Polkadot begins, this can be done painlessly. Why rebrand? In order for people who have already formed a not very good opinion about the Plasm Network project (and this can only be in the case of a superficial analysis and bias), they looked at the project from the other side and would be more imbued with the message that it carries, its technology and importance on the polkadot network. So that people would look at the same project as something new and re-examine it. This can be done and the new name is good. Totally agree. Support with likes or share your opinion.


What would the ticker be?

No need to define a ticker right now. I’m sure some “good” people will definitely create a erc20 tokens for scam

Not sure that it’s a good idea, especially just before the auction campaign.

  • I am not associating Plasm Network with Ethereum space, honestly
  • I think a big amount of work with branding and community will be thrown away
  • We loaded people with Shiden and even now not all in ecosystem understand the Plasm | Shiden relationships , now we are going to add third name. It will be very difficult to explain it to community. The brand need succession. What you suggest is to build new brand just 2-3 month before the auctions.
  • Aarth is hard to read and pronounce , because sounds like - aa and rth is not used in all languages, it is not common sounds for all people. But now I am not ready to suggest the alternative names, sorry.
    Anyway I and my team will support any decision that will be made , the product is much more important than name.

Really like the idea of rebranding. I agree, there were misleads with “Plasm” name in each community. And it the time is perfect right now. After DOT parachains it will be more difficult to do this.
“Aarth” name is ok. Unique, simple to search, first position in coins list by name. But it really hard to pronounce.
From my perspective, we can put “line” word in future name of Plasm. Because line is connecting dots, and Plasm will do this for Polkadot chains.

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What does this name mean? I don’t even know how to read it. Why not leave the old name, which everyone is already used to, or come up with something normal?

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I can’t be bothered to change the name of the unofficial telegram group but will do it if i have to…

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Pronouncing would be like ‘ART’
When there is a huge update we can name that update after a great artist like Picasso, Monet, …

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AARTH comes from EARTH

  • Earth: platform for humans
  • Aarth: platform for smart contracts

Aarth pronouncing would be like ‘ART’ - like mentioned above we can name huge updates with artists from different fields in the ‘art industry’:

We are still open for all suggestions.
We truly believe rebranding is something we need to think about and this is the best timing because we are not on any markets and we are not yet a parachain on Polkadot.


I would respect a rebranding…
Aarth is an awkward word… I don’t think it’s worth choosing a word just because it’s superior alphabetically…

My suggestion would be a name that defines what we’re looking to build.

Personally I prefer Plasm to Aarth…

Plasm reminds me of a desirable liquid in a metalic video game like ratchet and clank…

Aarth means nothing to me…

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Hello guys! We appreciate your comments. And I think there is no name everyone likes. it would be great if you could teach us the better names if you don’t like the name.


Now everyone is hearing about plasma and everyone understands that this is not a secondary project, that something had to be changed about 2 years ago, not now, changing the name at this time will lead to even more confusion. I do not offer the best names, I am in favor of leaving the current name and, in general, Aarth in Russian, a set of unreadable letters

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“Now everyone is hearing about plasma and everyone understands that this is not a secondary project, that something had to be changed about 2 years ago, not now, changing the name at this time will lead to even more confusion. I do not offer the best names, I am in favor of leaving the current name and, in general, Aarth in Russian, a set of unreadable letters”

That’s what we mean ‘Plasma’ …


What about calling it artery?

The name is available and the analogy to a network of vital importance is forefront in the mind. The artwork and imagery could be cool too.


I want to propose the name aYs - above your skill

Sounds nice to me, please consider :slight_smile:

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I fully agree with the reasons of rebranding but at the same time I have many doubts about new name and timing.

New name

  1. Aarth is hard to read and pronounce (AlexPromoTeam already wrote about it);
  2. You’re trying to escape a consonance with Plasma but immediately come to another one - with all art industry. People can think of Aarth as a NFT platform for pictures or something like that.

This is a biggest problem from my point of view. Aarth name contrary to the reasons of rebranding and can cause more misunderstandings among developers, media, and investors than Plasm now.

  1. I thint this name doesn’t represent Plasm advantages and distinctive characteristics. Aarth from Earth looks too general for me. (I see Ethereum naming influence in this case because according old physics theories ethereum is something that surrounds us all).


I agree we need to change brand name and token ticker before listing to avoid Matic, AAVE and other similar situations. But if we do it before Polkadot auction this could have a negative impact on the auction results. Peoples will contribute well-known brands and I afraid we can loose TOP3 position.

In other hand if we change name right after Polkadot auction and before listing we could face with weak start on exchanges because people can think of it as a new unknown project.

Timing question needs more discussion.

My proposal

We can conduct brand name competition within our community with several conditions:

  1. New name must not have a consonant with well-known crypto, non-crypto brands and industries (cars, art and others (except crypto sphere));
  2. May represent Plasm advantages and distinctive characteristics that team must provide;
  3. Must be easy to read and pronounce;
  4. As an homage to Japanese origin of project new name may refers to Japan culture.

I am absolutely excited with Shiden brand name and the interesting thing that this name is fully consistent with this 4 points.

So I think no need to rush. We have at least several weeks for best decision about better new name and timing.

(Sorry for typos and other mistakes)

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Hi Sota, please consider the name aYs - above your skill,

I think its perfectly describing the work which you and your team are doing , and the name is rly coo
I have another crazy idea

aYm. Art your mind!!!

Huge updates can me named by famous artists

Sounds nice :gem: :blush:l :slight_smile:

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Hi guys. I had some free time so I tried to generate my version of Plasm new brand name.

My version is Fluqtium (Fluqtium Network) [fl`ʌktium]

It is a self-invented word from the combination of Quantum fluctuation.

Quantum fluctuation is the temporary appearance of energetic particles out of nothing, as allowed by the Uncertainty Principle.

According to some physical theories quantum fluctuations were one of the main stages of Universe birth and cause the Universe to expand. (like Plasm ecosystem :slight_smile: )

Another procreation based on M-theory and observations of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), states that the Universe is but one of many in a multiverse, and has budded off from another universe as a result of quantum fluctuations. (reference to Plasm multi-virtual machine) (source)

So our universe (and potential multiverse) was born as a result of quantum fluctuations (just like many many future dApps will be build on top of Plasm (Fluqtium))


I like the names as well! But we have 2 requirements.

  • Word starting from A
  • Domain is available.