Listing after or before Polkadot auction parachain

Thank you @sota for great explaination on telegram. I read the phases article in medium and we had a discussion on Telegram group about listing before or after POLKADOT auction parachain. As I said in telegram group listing is an important phase of any blockchain project (probably the most important one). I think it’s so important to have the control of this phase on our hands. As we know POLKADOT even didn’t make clear the date of parachain. So for me if we depend this important phase to an unknown date , it won’t be a good idea. I think we should list when the team and community recognize its the best time to list. I love the phases that mentioned in medium article. And I think phase 4 is completely fair for listing the project. Thank you so much . Hope the best for you, team, community and this project. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


And I also remember another thing. As you know we have great competitors. Imagine we wait all this time for winning the competition and for any reason it won’t happen. I hope we win but it’s just one of the probabilities. So what after it. Again we should wait for another time and another parachain auction. From the other side you had two successful lockdrops and you attracted many ones but many people also don’t know about your project simply because it’s not listing yet. So even for winning the parachain auction may listing and making this project more popular will be a better idea.

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Listing is important but developing technical functions and becoming a Polkadot parachain are more important. Listing is the pahse4 because of the following reasons.

  • Our token economics is based on Polkadot Parachain. We issue tokens when you lock DOTs for us. Especially, the most important metric we want to know is the number of Parachains. Based on the number, we will identify how many DOTs we need to collect to win the auction.

  • At least staking should be ready before listing. We issue tokens by lockdrops. If we list tokens without technical functions, the price will be dropped.

  • We need to have a redenomination. And the redenomination ratio should be decided after checking Polkadot auction information. See the first reason.

I am not familiar with the projects that have already issued tokens. I believe some of them don’t have the strategy for the auction. I disagree to list tokens just to attract attentions.

It would be great if you could teach us the mathematical reasons to solve these.


There is two important thing for winning a competition. One is based on mathematics and understanding these issues. But the other thing that most projects forgot is about marketing. I think we shouldn’t restrict ourself to just mathematics and technical things. For winning the competition we need to lock dots or ksm. So until that time we can make total supply clear with redomination and then try to encourage more people to participate in third lockdrop after listing. Other competitors like polkaswap (xor) make clear total supply and mentioned three ways to get it. If we make clear total supply after redomination then it will be so much easier to first focus on marketing and second increasing rewards for community to participate in this step. In this case even if we won’t win, we won’t lose anything. Because we worked on our marketing and on being popular in the system.

The other important issue is to not make exhausted our community. I know and you know better than me many people invest on projects because of financial rewards. Make them awaits for a long time is really dangerous Specially on the crappy market of these days. I understand the fears and challenges behind marketing and listing a project like this but this is an important step and we can’t make it dependent to POLKADOT auction parachain. We should be so strong in this step. And for being strong everything should be clear for marketing team. We can’t tell the marketing team first wait until the result of Polkadot auction parachain an then we make a decision how to list and do marketing.


And when I say listing I don’t mean just listing. As you knew listing is the easiest thing but marketing is the most difficult phase. We should have a marketing strategy and a part of that strategy should be focusing on winning the POLKADOT auction parachain. Not being able to do anything before winning POLKADOT auction parachain is like locking ourselves for another project.

Our project solve a great issue on system so why should we afraid of being popular before competition. We’re not a pump and dump project that afraid of going to this competition in dump period. We’re a great team, great community and if we do marketing in a right way, I don’t think it will be less success than ksm and dot if it won’t be more with this potensial.

Believe me I know many many people even in this space that doesn’t heard about projects that are not listed. This is the way this market works. Right or wrong listing and marketing has a great impact on being popular in this market.

I can count for you a great number of amazing technical projects that couldn’t be successful in this space because of not having a marketing strategy. Branding, marketing and working on sending a responsible and right message is something that we should start asap. When I say listing I meant all of these steps not just having a price and selling tokens in the market.

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I agree that we need more marketing strategies. However, it seems that your reason is based on expectations. This is the most dangerous decision making in this space. If you are not, please teach me how listing helps product in numbers.

Second, listing tokens before technical implementation eg staking hurts our token ecosystem. For example, our token is designed to be used Staking : Liquidity = 1: 1. If we don’t have the staking function, 100% goes to liquidity. This is dangerous because we distribute token via lockdrop and some of the participants are misunderstanding lockdrop and think it as airdrop. Selling power must be stronger.

Third, as I mentioned below, becoming a Parachain is our highest priority from day1. And the number of DOTs we need to collect can be drastically changed due to the number of Polkadot Parachains. For example, let’s assume 30% of DOTs is used for the auction and there are 10 parachains. In this case, we can be a Parachain if we collect more than 3%. But if the initial number is 3, we need to collect 10% DOTs. So we need to understand the Polkadot auction more and announcing the strategy before this information is not a good idea though some projects have already disclosed.

And in some senses, technically, we can control the time to list token regardless of the auction. But we don’t like to do that at least this month, since we don’t like to pay attention to the price talks now and we should focus more on technical implementations. I think the people who can get benefit is only short term daily traders. We build products not for them but for people who believe our product in the long term.

In summary, we need more marketing solutions but listing is an exception at this moment.


Damn right. I totally agree with not listing in a way that just short term traders have benefits and holders not.

We should also have a strategy for this. And when I talk about listing before Polkadot auction parachain, of course I didn’t talk about this month. But I think the people who participate already may like to see some benefits and motivations to participate another time. We can’t make then await for long time and at the same time expect them to participate for another lockdrop. We should make it clear for them what they really gain outta this. And for me as a business consultant there is only one have to and it’s that we have to do our best for our community and our team. We have to be great. We try and we do our best to win the auction parachain. But we should always consider all probabilities no matter what will happen in a dusty unknown date competition.


Also i understand your questions and I try to think about them but I think there are also some questions that the team should have answer for them:

  1. Should be listing, marketing and branding of plasm depend on an unknown date of Polkadot auction parachain or not?

  2. What if (for any reason) plasm won’t be able to win the competition? What will happen after it to this project?

  3. How long the community should wait for gaining tangible rewards? (It’s not about expectation. Even when you psychologically invest in sth you expect some results (for financial investments this is absolutely a fact that we can’t ignore it).

  4. What is the clear plan for branding, marketing and probably listing before Polkadot auction parachain and after it ? (With considering two probabilities of winning or losing)


yres,i can,t agree more sota,s those saying oppions .
now ,plasm important miss is technical implementions,not only for short term people who short eyes or want to get huge benifit by lockdrop fast .so we believe plasm project can help and change humanbens account factors ,before listing should ready full marketing solutions or other technolegys ,if dot auction not finish absolutely and hurry listing ,i can guess only one result,that will harm and broken this excellent The Plasm project ,at the same time ,different communities all disgauss ,complain…
so for healthy and general devolop the plasm project,we can,t urge the core team to list ,only basical all things okay,after that time list more exchanges automatically or naturally.


Let me answer these 4 questions.

  1. Should be listing, marketing and branding of plasm depend on an unknown date of Polkadot auction parachain or not?

Listing depends on the auction because of the reasons I described above. But the other 2 (marketing and branding) don’t depend on the auction. I think it is realistic to discuss the marketing and branding strategies rather than listing here.

  1. What if (for any reason) plasm won’t be able to win the competition? What will happen after it to this project?

I am sure than we can be a Polkadot parachain in the future at some point since there are around 100 Parachain slots in the future. If we can’t be the first Parachain, we will connect Plasm to Polkadot as a parathread chain. And make a Ethereum bridge.

How long the community should wait for gaining tangible rewards? (It’s not about expectation. Even when you psychologically invest in sth you expect some results (for financial investments this is absolutely a fact that we can’t ignore it).

There is no concrete answer here. The purpose of Lockdrop is not to make a financial return for short term investors but to distribute tokens fairly. We can’t say X months since we can guarantee nothing for this.

What is the clear plan for branding, marketing and probably listing before Polkadot auction parachain and after it? (With considering two probabilities of winning or losing)

We aim to be the best smart contract Parachains on Polkadot. We should push 2 things, Ethereum compatibility, and layer2. For the first thing, we need to publish more articles about Ethereum compatibility and tutorial. For the second thing, we will focus on rollups, the optimistic rollups and zk rollups. These will be game-changers.

We build this product not for maximizing the rewards of the short term investors but for making Web3 scalable as the result the long term investors can get a return.

And I think lockdrop is not investment.


Thank you so much @sota for your great answers. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hi @sota Thanks for answering these questions. I wanted to inquire a little further about the question/answer mentioned above.


  1. If you cannot join as a parachain, you will go for a parathread chain and make the eth bridge. What is an estimated time frame this will take to complete if the parathread chain option is the path to follow? (assume you have all the resources needed to complete the parathread chain)

  2. If you realize the DOT lock drop is not working moving ahead as planned and come up short on DOT, are you guys planning on reaching out to investors to see if you can close that gap?

  3. If the parathread chain is the option to follow if not enough DOT is accumulated for the auction, what are your current challenges you already know about in attempting to build the parathread chain?

  4. I agree with you that the last two lock drops are not investments. Would you think the DOT lockdrop to be considered more of an investment as that will be used for the parachain auction?

Thank you Soto in advance and thank you for being proactive. Appreciate everything you guys are doing.