Sample DAO document

Hi guys, now that ZKEVM is closer, we have to think about new forms of community governance.

I have created this litepaper about DAO (specifically for LATAM) so that any ambassador or user of the community that wants to create one can have a guide to get started.

I hope we can discuss or provide feedback on this document and improve it.

Here you can find the document: Sample document DAO - Litepaper - Documentos de Google

DAO Structure:

Note: All the above is subject to change, since each community according to localization can adapt it to their own convenience.

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I recorded this!
It’ll be a good guideline if someone wants to build a community someday.


Quite happy with the structure you propose, mate. I loved how you put the document together, you really took into account all the vital and negative points we want to avoid. For my part, you can count on me to continue with the planning and carry out the execution of the structure.

I have nothing negative to say about the document, very well elaborated, let’s promote Astar in Latin America and the Spanish speaking community!

Great work, Van!

Thank you very much for the information. When I see it this way, it helps me to see the picture more clearly. I am confident that this will be useful for various projects, at least to a small degree.

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Yes, it’s like a reference format, anyone can change it or adapt it to their expectations, thanks bro

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Thanks bro, we will continue to improve it, and the time will come for the long awaited launch.

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This is a very interesting attempt!
I highly appreciate it as an effort to develop the ecosystem.
When will DAO be adopted? I’m looking forward to the feedback from the results of the operation under this structure.

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We are still in the process of discussion for further development, probably in Q1 2024 the final document will be implemented.

The good thing about these structures is that they can be adapted to suit the needs of each community:

  1. Type of DAO: Gaming, DeFi, Developers.

  2. Long-term objectives or scope

  3. Forms of financing

  4. Development of products to go to market

The interesting thing is the possibility of self-financing that the DAOs themselves can self-manage and be sustainable over time for their communities in Astar.


Looks pretty good, let’s discuss and create some well structured proposal!

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Thanks Matt, that’s the main idea, to discuss to reach a consensus on what is the most viable structure.