Some important points I think team should consider

  1. In this early stage instead of buring treasury we can use it as resource to spread awareness about sdn network whether it’s through education , small airdrop campaigns, marketing campaigns etc.

  2. There should be vesting over the rewards from dapp staking given to dapp owner because rewards are huge and there is always risk of market manipulation due to the huge incentive that comes from dapp staking.

  3. Instead of burning treasury we should start with burning x% of transaction fee as it’s more beneficial for project.

  4. Voting over a topic isn’t done everyday and some people don’t have time to visit forum everyday , so it should be open atleast for week so most of us can vote whenever we get time to visit the forum. This can make things more organized.


Might be best to separate this into at least three proposals as there is a lot mentioned here and it will get confusing having it all in one thread.

“In basic terms, marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and determining how best to meet those needs. In contrast, advertising is the exercise of promoting a company and its products or services through paid channels. In other words, advertising is a component of marketing.”

  1. Alternative to Burning the Treasury.
    a.) Airdrop and Education are actually components of Marketing.
    If we have determined there is a need/problem for education in the platform then I think we should explore ways to educate users.
    b.) Who would we be targeting with airdrops? I have concerns about the types of users this will bring.
    c.) For marketing campaigns is this something you would like to work on?

  2. I would like to see some analysis of the dApps and see if what their behaviour is with the tokens they have received already before making any judgements on vesting the tokens.

  3. Sounds like a reasonable option.

  4. I think this depends on how important the vote is. As the auctions are coming up quickly we probably need to be able to iterate in a fast manner which could be impeded by voting periods of one week.


Great points !!
I agree with the education part, it could be via interactive videos, blogs etc. To give an example, i see so many struggling with the need and future of SDN especially after Astar comes into being. If we can educate people on future and need for SDN, that is already a great win.
Vesting is a bit tricky one, because to attract developers initially the rewards have to be good, maybe we introduce vesting after we reach a critical milestone with number of dapps/developers.
Not a great fan of burning, so i am neutral to it.
Agree with the comment that voting times could be flexible depending on the urgency of the topic, but also should have a minimum number of votes that need to be put in order for a proposal to pass


The rewards will still be good. It only prevents dapp operators from dumping significant amounts of SDN.

This will also help weed out the projects that are taking advantage of dapp staking from the ones who are looking to build and stay within the ecosystem.

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We could do airdrops with contingencies akin to the ones on CMC and Gleam but preferably tying it to finishing e.g. a 5-minute educational video about Astar/Shiden etc.

  1. For point 1 b) part I think we shouldn’t discriminate between good and bad user at this early stage of the project as mass adoption is important not only for shiden but for crypto too. So thinking about type of users we would be attract at this early stage isn’t healthy.

  2. Point 1 c) part
    If I would have been experienced in marketing. I would have done it. I meant to say was to use some part of treasury fund in marketing too.

  3. Point 2
    I am not saying to vest dapp owner reward tokens for years but to release there token in parts so there isn’t big selling at one point. And this will increase every investor confidence more regardless they are small investor or big.

  4. Point 4
    Week won’t slow anyone down. As we say astar and shiden care about its community so I want more people to get involve in these type of voting.

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For vesting doubt , I think we should be more confidence in it as only astar and SDN has this function and they are providing huge reward. I am just asking for slow release of those rewards. Dapp owners still will be getting huge rewards it’s just they won’t be able to liquidity it at once if they want to.

This topic was brought into discussion a few weeks ago.

Since we aim to be DAO, we want community members that contribute to the ecosystem.

But in crypto, there are always members which are there to only speculate rather than being involved in growing the project. Speculators are less likely interested to be involved.

This just covers the educational parts of 1st point. That’s why I said at this early stage we should use the money to do campaigns like this. Why targeting 500 people only when we have resources to target thousands of people using this education method.

Start incentivising the member. Like you guys did will logo making competition. As community to make educational videos and get reward then we can vote and submit those videos to cmc and start a campaign. Same was done for gif contest. Contests are the way to get community involve to the max and many project do so. And we can’t say we don’t have resources.

Secondly, can we please stop discriminating between users. Bitcoin aimed for mass adoption and if it said we only need this type of user not that type of user then bitcoin wouldn’t have reach these levels. Sdn is still a fresh project and it need every kind of users. It really don’t look good when ambassadors start putting user in different categories just because there ideas doesn’t match.

The 500 is just an example. Many different campaigns can be done. A lot of people can propose this and that, but who is going to execute it?

Also, the treasury funds will always be there because by default, 40% of the block rewards will go to the treasury. Burning this batch doesn’t mean there is no more funds in the coming weeks.

A number of people have been crying about marketing. But when I asked them for ideas, they got no ideas.

We are always positive about growing the community and users, but what kind users do we want? Degens, speculators or holders that will contribute to the ecosystem?

I can pay a shiller to speak about Shiden. But what kind of outcome will it bring? We saw what happened a month ago after Suppoman did a short review on Shiden. People started fomo buying and the chart now has gone back to where it started. This is proven to be not an organic growth. People were just in for speculation.

Any ideas what to do and how to execute it?

Yes, we can start with this cmc campaign. Start a competition and have 3 prize 10sdn , 30sdn , 50sdn to those who make best educational video about shiden network. Then like we did for gifs and logo get voting ( that last atleast for a week ) and submit the best one to cmc. Let’s start there.

And if you ask a cook how to build a building I think you will get worst advice from him. Similar instead of asking about marketing from community , ask to the ones who have been doing this for long time, who got experience. It’s 2021 not 1980 bro marketing is a profession in today’s world. And please Google the difference between marketing and shilling.

Again a fresh project need every kinda a user a holder, a speculator, a degen, a short term trader everyone. You can’t just run the market with holders. This type of discrimination between users comming from ambassador on official forum doesn’t look good man. If two people idea’s aren’t same that doesn’t give the person in power to look down upon someone else. DAO is about community and it doesn’t discriminate between types of users just because different ideas.

We do not discriminate anyone. But we do not like cry babies.

Cry babies do nothing good to the ecosystem. There are few of them. But when we ask for ideas, they got nothing. When we asked them to leave the dapp store feedback on github, they did nothing.

They think themselves as investors and the team is responsible for their bags. This is a toxic attitude.

Imagine if this is already in DAO mode, if you are a bag holder, who are you going to cry to?

Be involved and contribute. This is the way to success.

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So just mention boldly on upcoming dot crowdloan that short to mid term trader , degen, speculators, crybaby or people who expect good marketing strategy should stay away from the locking there dot for astar.
Instead of working on problems we will call you by different names like Jeet’s , crybaby etc.
And won’t take any criticism positively.

Community has shown support by locking more then 15% circulating supply in dapp staking.

And I mentioned clearly asking a cook to build a house won’t work. You want ideas go ask people or agencies who has experience in doing work like marketing.

But it seems instead of taking things positively people like to make things toxic and then blame community or call them with different names as an excuse.

So you propose marketing.

Are you going to be responsible for this idea?

Did you even read what I wrote in those four points ??

I clearly wrote to use treasury fund as resource to do different campaign.

That too mean considering some one experience in marketing not a random guy who got zero experience in marketing.

I wrote 4 points instead of reading those point carefully ambassadors started to divert the focus negatively.

It’s so simple to understand what I wrote and mean instead reading it carefully , ambassadors started to diverting the issue negatively.

Just read those points CAREFULLY without any hate and open mind.

If somebody makes a proposal , does it necessarily mean they have to execute it, I am part of community but i cannot devote a lot of time, i can make observations and share ideas, but due to the nature of my job, i cannot devote the time needed to execute something. it could be true for this person as well. I am not sure why talking about marketing is seen such a bad idea. If speculators, degens are coming, its not necessarily a bad thing, any project needs all kind of investors, short term, mid term, long term to keep the markets fluid. Having a idealistic approach does not necessarily help the investors, who eventually will leave

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I get your point.

But who is going to be responsible for the planning and execution of the campaigns?

If you do not have the skills, can you form a team with other community members? You take the lead while other members do the other parts?

Say, I just got the idea to make SDN a tipping token on Twitter, which I think would help with marketing because when people start receiving tips with SDN, it generates curiosity and the tip receiver would want to find out about it.

So what would I do?

I’d contact the service provider e.g. Coinkit. Get as much as info about the tech integration and the service charges that will incur. Then, I submit the proposal to the team and on this forum. If it is technically possible and within a reasonable budget, why not. We can proceed and the devs can assist with the integration.

Or, if you are good in writing, but do not have a connection with the media, build the connection or ask other members if they have the connection. Check the rate and get voting approval from the team and community on this forum.

This is how we can do it and this is what I meant by being involved and contribute. Saying, “we need to do marketing” is too general. I came across some members asking this but when I asked them back, “what kind of marketing”, they pushed it back to me, “you are the expert, you do it”.

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