Social media marketing educational campaign $SDN

Lots of people are not satisfied with the team marketing efforts, but we all agree that we want more exposure, awareness, and educational content out there.

So here is my solution:
Using the 5% allocated marketing budget from the coin supply we can hire and make partnerships with successful leaders in the crypto space.

Some suggestions for quality educational content on youtube, community can vote later on who they approve:

-ChicoCrypto (Dr. Gavin wood himself chose him for an interview)

  • etc…

Other possible suggestions for other platforms:

  • upOnly podcast
  • Binance innovation zone
  • FTX interviews, I don’t like the team they can be shady sometimes but they have a good platform

All partnerships come with conditions:

  • No shilling (only education)
  • No $SDN given, instead $USD is given equal to the amount of $SDN to avoid the influencer dumping the token or if given straight $SDN it’s vested over a period of time.
  • Focus on Shiden, and mention Astar briefly to push people for the upcoming auctions as well.

Feel free to adjust this proposal, add more conditions, add more potential people or entities to partner with only good ones of course.

Also if you agree or disagree don’t forget to say why.

Goodluck everyone :+1:


Thank you for your post. This is all about the community. You are criticizing the core team, but you have the wrong mindset. We are trying to become a DAO. If this proposal is accepted, can you take the responsibility to execute it?


We created a community rewards program where all users inside the community can help us and get rewards for this. Please do create a proposal and ask for the funds needed in the community rewards program to execute this plan.

Would be good if you could lead this plan.

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The community/token holders can be the marketing force itself.

Say, if we want to organize CMC learn and earn, a few of us can set a team. One guy does the planning, another guy makes the educational video etc. We submit the plan to the team with the budget. Once approved, the team can contact CMC.

Something like this.

Or, if you want to do an educational meetup. I don’t see any harm if you request some SDN as rewards to the attendees.

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I suggest on top of this proposal we assign a marketing lead, could be one of the ambassadors.

That way the team gets focused and can track the progress directly, and the marketers have someone to deal with directly. We can vote on that.

I am not criticizing the core team, or attacking them personally. I’m just sharing the frustration that I have seen in the community a lot expressed, as well as highlighting the lack of awareness about $SDN.

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Awesome, I’ll try to do something about it and maybe get help from your guidance as well :pray:

I think that can be used as well, maybe in Japan :jp: and in places where crypto is not really wide-spread.

That way you introduce people to crypto and shiden, but I think it can be a supplement in addition to traditional marketing. We can do both maybe a combination.

Lets do this. A few ambassadors and a few excited community members can start forming a team.

We can start a movement. Some call themselves Link Marines. We can call ourselves Shidenators or Astarnauts.

It doesn’t need to be someone else to shill our bags. We can shill our own bags.

That’s actually a cool idea to form a marketing team within ambassadors. We have some great talents. video artist, graphical designer, voice artist, and marketing specialist as well. So, we can definitely look for some collaboration on that front.

I would want to create a specific proposal for doing this so that ambassadors who are interested in this can be a part of the group. They can regularly discuss, plan and strategize well in the advance and form a meaningful approach/plan every time we are doing something or for creating fresh plans.