Proposal grant ASTR from Astar Treasury to StakeCraft for providing Snapshot service for Astar and Shiden for Q3 & Q4 2024

Proponent Address: Wj14Wp8CD8D8K58hpxbuFSTmXyFeBvjfAoJqbHjrHRsm1pN

Requested Amount: 330$/month (±29578,7272 tokens at the average price for the last 7 days 0,06694$/astr according to Coingecko) to cover the server cost and its support.

Date: 08.07.2024

Short Description:

The snapshot service is intended for collator nodes, namely, it helps to bring the node back online in a very short time, because pruning 1000 is set.

At @bLd759 request, starting from June 1, 2023, the snapshots were switched to archive.

There is also a link to our GitHub where you can find all the information related to the Astar & Shiden Snapshot service and on our Website

Moreover, we’re excited to share our innovative service, where you can also find these snapshots. Serving as the ultimate hub for node operators and blockchain enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive suite of resources to streamline your blockchain journey. From snapshots and endpoints to explorers and comprehensive guides, equips you with everything you need to navigate the blockchain landscape easily. Unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with All4Nodes Aggregator Service developed by StakeCraft.


Hi everyone,

STAKECRAFT supported Astar since it was called Plasm Network and was chosen as one of Astar’s first collators at the beginning of 2022. We are confident in the future of Astar and Shiden.


We want to request $1980 for Q3 & Q4 2024 (330$/month) in ASTR from the Astar treasury as a reward for providing our Snapshot service. We ask this amount to cover expenses on the server and its support.

Statistics of usage

Our snapshot downloading statistics for Astar and Shiden showed that the snapshots were used for the period from June 1st to December 31st:

  • approx. 35 times per month for Astar;
  • approx. 12 times per month for Shiden.


We are committed to keeping the service running and updating it regularly.

  1. The address of the fund recipient: Wj14Wp8CD8D8K58hpxbuFSTmXyFeBvjfAoJqbHjrHRsm1pN
  2. There is no cancellation period from our side for running the snapshot service
  3. Snapshots are updated on a daily basis
  4. The options to contact the manager of the funds:

You can reach us at:


Telegram: @urb4n_thr34t


You can also track discussions of all previous proposals granted to StakeCraft:


Thank you for your contribution to Astar.
I continuously support you.


Thank you for all your support.
I support this proposal.

By the way, isn’t Astar still listed on


Thanks for Your support of Astar , I will support this proposal.


We are updating some information.
Everything related to Astar will appear on later today.


Hi StakeCraft team,

thanks for your continuous contribution to Astar Network!

One question. Are these numbers estimates or getting from the previous statistics such as Q1 & Q2 2024?


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Thank you!
I’ll wait for an update.


Hello @pithecus
These are estimated numbers.

Hi @you425
You can check now.

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@Gaius_sama Hello. May I ask you to start the voting process, please?

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Hello @StakeCraft

Voting can only begin after a minimum discussion period of 7 days.

Please refer to Astar’s governance guidelines in our documentation :

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Understood, thank you for clarification.

Thank you, that confirms it.


A snapshot service for nodes is very necessary, soon more projects will come and the network will have more usability, so this tool can be very helpful.

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As always in favour. Stakecraft is doing a great job.

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Unfortunately, I do not have all the required knowledge to give a relevant opinion on this proposal. I would like to know the opinions of the teams/projects using snapshots.
Maybe @bLd759 can give his opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you for the details, and thank you for your continuous support. =)

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Hello @StakeCraft

As the 7-day minimum discussion period comes to an end, you can now open your treasury request proposal directly on

If you need help creating your governance proposal for the vote, you can consult the official documentation or use this proposal as an example.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Hi @Gaius_sama
Done. You can find my proposal here - Proposal grant ASTR from Astar Treasury to StakeCraft for providing Snapshot service for Astar and Shiden for Q3 & Q4 2024 - Proposal in Townhall House Astar Network


@Gaius_sama Hi!
The voting time has ended successfully. What are the next steps?