Start of our community program

Start of our community program - Let’s grow Shiden together.


Astar is a community-driven project, and we need you to help grow our ecosystem. We have created an open community program where every community member can join and support the Astar ecosystem. You can collect points and receive rewards through dApp staking if your contributions are valid. Joining the community program as a community member is also the perfect way to show us that you are the Ambassador we need for the Astar ecosystem. It’s also the ideal way to educate yourself about Astar and the Polkadot ecosystem.

The community program consists out of two tracks:

  • Community rewards: help the growth of the Astar ecosystem and get rewarded for your contributions.
  • Ambassador program: become an official Ambassador for the Astar ecosystem. Only apply when you fit the criteria - read more.

We will use block rewards for the first quarter of this program. These rewards come from the dApp staking pool. The rewards are already in place through the rewards pallet. Shiden has been successfully running for a month now and we activated its block reward (inflation) on August 19th. The block reward is distributed to collators, treasury, and dApp staking addresses. Since we didn’t support dApp staking just yet (we will support this system at phase2-9), the reward is stored in this address.

A total of 10% at the end of September in our dApp wallet will be used for this program during the upcoming months. We estimate that the 10% will be around 30,000.00 SDN tokens. At the time of writing, this has a value of $175,000. The pool will be used for September, October, and November! Rewards are distributed one week after the end of every month.

Community rewards

How it works

Transparency is built strongly in Astar’s vision and culture. That’s why this program is based on Github because it’s fully transparent for everyone to see. Everything will be logged on Github.

Submit your contributions


How to Log a Completed Task

  1. Go to Issues · PlasmNetwork/growth-program · GitHub
  2. Create an issue with Campaign ID or Task ID. We only accept contributions linked to a campaign or task.
  3. Add your details or links in the issue description. NOTE: do not forget to mention your Shiden wallet address and Telegram or Discord handle with your first submission.

We will evaluate all the issues logged there, and the council assigns points. After evaluation, we will use a label, so you know that your submission is reviewed. You can follow the progress in this spreadsheet.

Labels for submissions on Github


#ID Description
C1 Builders program - promote Astar with projects, developers. Create a Telegram group with you, projects leaders, Maarten, and Sota. Bonus can be applied if the project officially launches in the ecosystem.
C2 Community Management - only for official Ambassadors (please share your stats every month)

Example for a campaign submission


#ID Description
A1 Write blog posts about Astar/Shiden. Use your own words and share our uniqueness. Translations can be done by official Ambassadors or any translations for which an Official Ambassador is the reviewer!
A2 Creating interesting memes. Creating interesting memes about Astar/Shiden. You can tweet it and tag @AstarNetwork
A3 Create a video about Astar/Shiden Network.
A4 Organize a meetup about Astar/Shiden. e.g., Zoom meeting, AMA.
A5 Social engagement. Invite people to follow our Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or LinkedIn. Log your work with the following details on Github: 1. Share the post link or message link of your invitation. 2. Describe the community and its reachable audience size. *Please do not SPAM people. Be informative, friendly, and helpful. Note: Make a monthly summary and create contribution at the end of the month. Personal accounts with low interaction are not allowed.
A6 Tutorial / Step-by-step guides to help developers or community.
A7 Coding, bug hunting, development work for the Astar ecosystem.
A8 Freestyle, be creative and show your skills.


Please do not spam others’ communities. We believe the magnet is to build a healthy community with a great product. Be positive, insightful, but not controversial.

Example for a task submission


It’s very important to educate yourself about the Astar ecosystem. These resources can be very helpful to make you an Astarian:

Reward/point system


Every month the pool of rewards will be different because of the use of dApp staking. The amount of rewards for that month will be used to distribute amongst our Ambassadors and community members based on their contributions on Github. The amount of SDN will be posted at the end of each month.


We have created X categories and each category has a point range. Based on different parameters you receive points. Your rewards and how it’s calculated will be shared in your contribution on Github.

Categories and point range:

#ID Point range
C1 20-50
C2 20-50
A1 1 - 30
A2 1 - 3
A3 1 - 30
A4 1 - 30
A5 1 - 50
A6 1 - 30
A7 10 - no limit
A8 1 - no limit

Who’s in?

I am definitely in!


I am fully in, i am ready to collaborate with ASTAR

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It is a great program, but why only 10%?

Not a big sum for the 3 months tbh given that is not a strategic reserve or something similar.

30-40% or even more would be better for greater engagement. (Just my thoughts)

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Hi plasmer

Thanks for your question.
We allocated this amount because it would be the same as we would use with dApp staking for community rewards. The other amount is for projects building on us with early development funding. We decided with the core team that the amount of 10% can also be adjusted depending on the traction we got in the first month of September.

Hope this answers your question.


Hello, @Maarten Thanks for working on this. I am very excited. One feedback I have in my mind is that we should NOT distribute SDN to contributors’ outputs themselves. The most important thing is that these contents are widely spread in the world.

For example in the case of the article, viewers, followers, likes, and so on should be included as the top criteria to decide the funding amount.

Another example is Twitter account, it is super easy to make let’s say Japanese Astar Twitter. We should NOT fund this activity itself. The important thing is how many followers he/she acquires in a month etc from the growth perspective.


That’s correct!
Outreach is very important to have. That’s one of the reasons I have installed the point range. To get higher points in each category different parameters matters such as viewers, followers, likes, … if you don’t have this, your points will be very low and so is your reward.

Everything is transparent on Github so it’s very easy to comment or ask for more information from the contributor.



  1. Effort and quality of work.
  2. Outreach.
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A8, Freestyle and be as creative as your like you say…

Some adjustments in the reward program:
We only accept translations from official Ambassasors! Recent contributions are very low quality and Google translated!


Yes, I suggest also:
“We only accept translations from official Ambassasors or any translations for which an Official Ambassador is the reviewer! Recent contributions are very low quality and Google translated!”

For example I’m italian native and I want to involve my community members to do translations (not only for Medium articles but also for the official documentation…a work I started some months ago). In this case I will help translations coordinating the work and providing review to translations. Then the people can submit their works to Community Program
I think this is the best solution :thinking:

Let me know what do you think @Maarten and @sota

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First challenge online:


Ok! Let me adjust the rule.
Thanks for your support

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yes, and also please include a list of all Official Ambassadors with our contacts like Telegram username and language, so people can contact use for the revision.

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Got into this already


Memes are no longer rewarded through the community rewards program as of today, October 11th.
Thanks for your contributions.

The vote to stop with memes went through the Ambassador council.


It’s sad that memes are no longer accepted in the ambassadors program, cause I can recall getting to know about tons of projects in the crypto space just because of a meme about them, but well since it was voted by the community its fine, I’m a memer and I have been contributing by postinh memes on twitter, maybe I will just find another way to contribute now. :frowning:

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Hi @Maarten Please check and reply to my message on discord and/or telegram

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Hey all, nice to e-meet you!!!

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We have stopped the rewards program based on tasks as we mentioned when we launched the program. All contributions after November will not be rewarded anymore.

What will happen with the Community Rewards program:
We will change the program from January. Rewards will be distributed based on quests and tasks created on weekly basis! Get involved and earn $SDN!