Using Block Reward for Common Goods

Hello everyone. This is Sota. Today, I would like to propose the following idea.

  • Using dApp staking SDN tokens for small community activities till we activate dApp staking.

Shiden has been successfully running for a month now and we activated its block reward (inflation) this week. The block reward is distributed to collators, treasury, and dApp staking addresses. Since we didn’t support dApp staking just yet (we will support this system at the phase2-9), the reward is stored in this address. The idea is to provide people who contribute to Shiden with the stored SDN tokens. Once the dApp staking is fully implemented, we will close this activity and use the reward for dApp and infrastructure developers.

What Activities Can Be Rewarded?
My idea is to use the stored SDN for small community activities such as

  • Translation
  • Community management (Ambassador role)
  • Writing articles in various languages
  • etc

What I would like to discuss in this forum
In this thread, I would like to get feedback and decide

  • Activities that can be rewarded
  • The governance process of how to accept/deny proposals
  • Maximum SDN amount for each activity

As a first step, we need to decide on activities.


This will be part of our Growth program:

We start with community rewards from September and rewarding those who help promote the Astar ecosystem by sending rewards. This month Ambassadors are testing the program. Hope we can get your support as well!


This is good. We want the community to be involved in every way and get rewarded instead of just speculating for a pump.

We shouldn’t put any limit on the type of activities. Everybody has different talents and skills. We want the community to be creative. All sort of contributions can be accepted.


I personally like the idea


Agree with you about limit on type of activities.
That’s one of the reason we created this activity in the growth program

A7 Freestyle, be creative, and show your skills.


If a person is good in music, he/she can compose a Shiden song.

Why not.


for the governance process, I suggest we use the team-ambassador council for voting that we already decided 2 months ago in our call

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Yeah agreed. We don’t need a limit for activities. But the maximum SDN amount needs to be decided imo because of the following 2 reasons.

  • By deciding the hard cap, it will be easier for community members to propose their activities.
  • It is better to fund various activities in stead of funding only several activities. The fund’s amount is limited.

i can,t aggree more,thats sdn new value and dapp stake applications


What we can do is create categories of activities and assign a weightage of importance to that in our ecosystem and then dedicate an amount of SDN for contributing to that category.

This is fixed per category and doesn’t change. For eg. translation gets xxx SDN

But the question is a person would be contributing to various categories. So, he gets rewarded based on the hard work and contribution he is making.

To further reward someone, SDN reward can also be based on what the role of the person is. Like someone who is his/her 6th month gets a little more on the contribution than someone who is in their 1st month

Since SDN has a limit, this limit will be the prize pool.

We can accept as many contributions from the community and we give points to each contribution, e.g from 1-100, based on the effort and quality of work.

Calculation Example:

SDN pool: 10000 SDN
My contribution: 50 points (out of 100)
Total accumulated points from all contributions: 10000 points.

I get:
(50/10000) x 10000 SDN
= 50 SDN

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This is how the official Growth program will work when dApp staking is available and I think we can also use it for this as a test phase.

Every month we have the dApp staking pool and that’s xxx amount of SDN tokens.
Each contribution is made on Github and get tags/comments/… everything is transparent. Based on parameters like: quality / outreach / ambassador status / … points are rewarded to it’s contribution. Also completely transparent on Github.

Every month we make a sum of all points and devide it by the total amount of SDN in the pool for that month. Based on this you will get your earned rewards.

There is already a council created by our Ambassadors that’s build out of 3 Ambassadors and 2 core team members. They award the points to the contribution on Github.


i know we are currently functioning out of Github, but this can be interesting way to explore the dApp staking reward dsitribution:

We device 4 different categories:

Category 1: Developers skills, (API, other kinds of developers activity)
Category 2: Content Ideas - Blogs and articles, translation, FAQs, memes, video editing, others…
Category 3: Community Management- Telegram, Discord, new initiatives taken.
Category 4: Others Freestyle skills: Music, new Initiatives taken

Each category has multiple tasks devised based on type 1, type 2, and type 3 levels.

So type 1 is easily done, type 2 is slightly difficult, and type 3 is a comparatively harder version.

We can devise a dashboard where we can keep a tab of all these activities on a regular basis once the contribution is made. And the ambassador council gets to review all the work once submitted and once they approve it, it then becomes available for publishing or to meet its desired objective.

We can keep a tab of how much SDN a person can be rewarded each month (only for the sole reason that we need to have a cap per month)

For e.g. If he does 20 contributions he would have earned 250 SDN (based on various activities) But he only did 15 contributions. So now he will only be rewarded with 150 SDN. In this way, there won’t be a need to over-reward SDN for the individual contributors. and can be easily managed by smart contracts.

So, every month we know that out of total rewards, xx % is kept as a reward to contributors and if every contributor doesn’t contribute to their full potential, the left tokens go back in the treasury.

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This is a great suggestion.

Because in my case, the ambassador program KYC, was a hurdle for me to join. (Although they are doing a great job).

I know Astar is trying to communicate openly about names and faces, but on the other hand, shouldn’t anonymous activities be supported.
So it’s great. This initiative will be appreciated by the people like me who want to be active.

[my suggestion]

Regarding the evaluation of incentives, it is currently left to the discretion of the core team?(Council), but eventually a vote by token holders is desirable.

For example, a holder who has 10 has 10 voting rights. It represents the holder’s trust level. Holders can allocate their votes and vote on the work submitted each quarter.

There is concern that whales will vote for their own work, but if they contribute to the community, that’s great!?

It may depend on the character of the whale, but in any case, I would like to see a system that is valued by the community.

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Hi everyone. Great proposal!

Agree with the idea of no-limit types of activities, but in other hand, some things are essential for the project IMO. Such as:

— Translation (it is important to cover all main languages such as CH/ES/GE/FR/RU…);
— Articles on Medium/Substack etc.;
— Graphic design: banners (Astar/Shiden characteristics, etc.), memes.
— Quality and popular videos on YouTube.

So team can divide this pool between mandatory tasks/activities (translation/design/videos/articles/social media posts) and no-limit types of activities. Otherwise, this event could become excessively chaotic and not so useful for the project.

(Additionally for design tasks, it would be interesting IMO to create some kind of mascot for Astar/Shiden. For example the god of lightening for Shiden and star (space) guy for Astar.

Interesting task for designers and helpful for project cos such a symbol can be easily remembered.)

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Sounds great. I am ready to be Community manager for Ukraine community.

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Great idea. This will help the project to be more and more known !!!

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Crypto asset YouTube in English-speaking countries has a very active image.
There are differences in the number of subscribers and views, but I am looking forward to some kind of bonus to get more people started.
It’s best if you can make a living with Dapps, though.

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Read a summary of the community reward program here:

Send us any feedback to improve this program.
We will launch it on September the 1st!


This is a great idea. we need to expand the community in different regions lik what moonbeam did.