Swanky Roadmap - open discussion

Hello Awesome Astar Community,

Over the past year, we have been dedicatedly working on Swanky’s development. We are aware of the tool’s usage by numerous teams and acknowledge the significant role you play in its growth and progress.

In our next phase, we’re preparing to apply for the Polkadot Treasury with some ecosystem teams.
You may be wondering, why are we seeking funding from the Polkadot Treasury.
The reasoning is simple and it reflects the core ethos of Swanky. Swanky is an open-source project, a platform built by the community, for the community. As such, we believe that the resources needed for its development should also come from the community it serves. This approach not only ensures the transparency and accessibility that are fundamental to open source projects, but it also allows us to build a tool that is truly tailored to the needs of our users.

Moreover, our ambitions for Swanky extend beyond the capabilities of our current team. With the support of the Polkadot Treasury, we will be able to involve more than three teams in Swanky’s development. This will not only speed up the development process but also bring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the project, enriching Swanky and increasing its adaptability and effectiveness.
In essence, seeking funding from the Polkadot Treasury is about upholding our commitment to being a community-driven project and enhancing our capacity to serve you better.

Prior to taking this step, we’re interested in obtaining your feedback on our proposed plans. Your opinions are important in ensuring that our roadmap aligns with your needs and expectations.

We have prepared a draft roadmap outlining the tasks we aim to accomplish over the few months.
Please feel free to share your thoughts right here in the comments, or provide feedback directly on our GitHub roadmap ticket. Remember, every single :+1: or :-1: will aid us in prioritizing tasks. Constructive criticism, ideas, suggestions, or even a pat on the back - we appreciate it all!
GitHub link - Swanky Suite · GitHub
Feedback is a gift :gift:, so thank you in advance for helping us make Swanky the best it can be!

Here’s to more awesome Swanky moments together!


We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts/suggestions what we should add/remove or focus on!
Thank you!


That’s captivating proposal.
Where can I read your draft roadmap?
Is that “Grant Proposal Roadmap” tab on GitHub?
Probably It would be good to have organized materials.

There is the link, please check Grant Proposal RoadMap - Swanky Suite · GitHub

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I am using swanky node daily and it’s really helpfull.
To be honnest, I don’t use swanky-cli because I prefer to use directly cargo-contract or polkdatot.js/Contracts UI to interact with the contracts.
I also experimented the plugin phala for swanky and it seems promising!
I fully support this proposal because we need to have a such tool!

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Thanks for creating this open discussion.
Creating a proposal for the Polkadot Treasury was something we decided on after putting a lot of internal resources into developing this tool. Astar Foundation first wanted to understand the need and usage before moving forward with this step.

We will soon share the proposal we have drafted to our community after feedback from some ecosystem partners who will join this initiative. I’m sure they will share their support in this thread as well.


I’m thrilled about Swanky’s progress! The decision to seek funding from the Polkadot Treasury is a fantastic move that reflects the project’s community-driven ethos. By involving more teams, Swanky will grow faster and benefit from diverse perspectives, making it even better suited to our needs.

I fully support this initiative and encourage everyone to provide feedback. Let’s make Swanky the best it can be together! Exciting times lie ahead for Swanky, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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It looks great! I think it is a good idea to have the polkadot treasury support and also other parachain team involved, as the DAO! Where is the starting point for those community builders? We should encourage more community builders to start with Swanky!

Good question @DrCAO !
For the builders who are just starting to learn about Astar, Swanky, and ink!, I would recommend checking out the Astar docs, specifically from Zero to ink! hero, apply to Astar University or exploring the hackathons in which we are participating, like the current Polkadot APAC hackathon

If you feel more confident in creating your own project, we are happy to support you through our Unstoppable grants or ink!ubator program.

Of course, you are always welcome to apply to become an Astar technical ambassador! :heart_on_fire:

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Hey all! Thank you for your interest, we hope to make Swanky a synonym for WASM smart contract development :muscle:
As part of the decentralising effort, we have moved the roadmap project, along with swanky-cli and swanky-node repos to a new organisation called swankyhub.

Swanky Hub is meant to be a new home for Swanky tool itself, but also ready made example contracts and various other tools, from Astar Foundation, as well as other teams and the community.


Great proposal. This is very much needed in the ecosystem. I support the proposal and I have also supported the proposal on polkassembly. Thanks.

That would be great. But I am just wondering if Astar Foundation or Startale Labs couldn’t sponsor the Swanky Grant to extend it for Devs out of Polkadot ecosystem?

I think Astar should explore the crypto space beyond Polkadot. We have a bunch of devs in the crypto space, and I feel Polkadot (unfortunately) is like a small bubble. Everyone knows each other, every team knows each other and that’s all… We should look for new players.

Awesome proposal though. 100% support it