Who is the council?

I’ve searched as much as I can, yet cannot find out who sits on the Astar Council. It’s not accessible in PolkadotJS nor in the Astar web interface. Also not in the docs and this forum.

Where can I find out who is on the council, how members can join, and how to vote for council members?

Governance For Now
There is no onchain governance at this moment. All governance discussion and voting will take place on this forum.

For example:

  1. Proposal: refund slashed collators during relay chain incident - #10 by bLd759
  2. Astar Initiatives - Astar Network Forum

Everyone can open a proposal and for now, I am the forum admin who will announce the discussion and open the vote. All announcement will be made on our Discord channel.

Who can vote?
Forum user with Trust Level 2 and above. Hence, if you want to be able to vote, you need to be active in this forum. Joining today does not give you the rights to vote.


Thank you for your quick answer. To make things fully clear, you use the votes by level 2 members of the forum who effectively are the council of Astar? Or is there a select group that has more power?

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All Forum users with Trust Level 2 and above can vote. But not many are voting. This is the sad reality.

You can see the results of the recent votes, out of 60-70 people who can vote, only 20-25 have consistently been voting.