Proposal: refund slashed collators during relay chain incident

This proposal aims to refund Astar collators who were mistakenly slashed during the Polkadot “dispute” incident.
During this time, a lot of Astar blocks were rejected by Polkadot validators while the collators could do nothing to fix it.
Details of the incident here:

Period: 11/03/2023 15:00 UTC to 13/03/2023 09:00 UTC

Number of slashes: 7

Event ID Block Block Timestamp Collator
3122700-3 3122700 2023-03-12 21:51:48 ZsApUEqShfZw5nwmq8LF97FtuM27rx3u6x7JEAXYfhXjkeJ
3122100-3 3122100 2023-03-12 14:23:27 XaiRFuhVStRJHYGKKvdM6QDzW2jywPdgPsx82y9yZ8TChcN
3120000-19 3120000 2023-03-11 22:34:02 ZGMNWCH224EpHXpLpJwD2jia438xeuH5w6UkCT57Gun1vKj
3120000-15 3120000 2023-03-11 22:34:02 XcXymBRUQETEcfEkTsPu7Pz5nothamkcsq1jQJqXebvVeUP
3120000-11 3120000 2023-03-11 22:34:02 aqSaD92kSi9tMckcQc7u6YcwWfEBHFbTRNkAkEMH8YxvKaJ
3120000-7 3120000 2023-03-11 22:34:02 aqhYttD9UkNfupQVR1rcNTj3iRB1dXdvFYZJSxcd6U8zN8w
3120000-3 3120000 2023-03-11 22:34:02 ZtjZbrLZkityYVHr5W76YP3FQNr31WVT8XoySC5hT3kj81m

Amount slashed per collator: 32000 ASTR
Total amount: 224000 ASTR

Refund Astar Collators
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  • No

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I wanted to ask why only 7 collators were slashed if there was a mistake caused by Polkadot. Given that there are many permissionless collators registered in the network, why were other collators not affected and able to continue producing blocks?

The Polkadot validators were randomly rejecting a lot of blocks.
Collators are assigned round robin to collate blocks, they have ~4 slots / era.
If collators get all their blocks rejected during 2 eras, they get slashed.
Others were able to produce 1 block / era or something around that.


Completely agree on this proposal! Fortunately I was not affected on Astar, but I was affected on Shiden and I know that was an ExpectChaos weekend!

I totally agree with the proposal, and glad to know that Astar is doing fine overall, I know a few other parachains got affected


The proposal is approved. Please proceed.

I agree on this, it can be a good idea

All collators slashed have been refunded.

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