Why won't it let me restake my ASTR coins?

I unstaked my ASTR coins, but now I can’t restake them. When I try to stake again it just shows the “transferable balance”, aka only 3.6% of my full amount.

Also: When will all of my ASTR tokens be fully released to me? I invested with the 2nd ETH lock in October of 2020. So it’s been about 3 years, I think it should have been fully released to me by now.

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If you unstake your ASTR there is an unbonding period of 10 days. If you wanted to stake on another dApp instead of the one you were staking on, you could have used the nomination transfer function.

Regarding your second question, all tokens are already in your holding and released. No tokens are any more in vesting. It is best to check our portal and your wallet to claim all unvested tokens if there are still any.