When will I see staking rewards with ASTR or SDN? Nothing so far

I have been staking ASTR for over 10 days with 0 rewards so far. I am staking on two different festival pools. Prior to that I had been staking SDN for multiple weeks without any return. I have since changed the SDN staking location thinking that might help, but no luck there either after 10 days. Now I am not complaining about low APY, I am more cornered that I won’t receive any return at all. How long must I wait to get a single return out my coins?

Also a separate question; When will my total amount of ASTR be transferable? I’m not planning on moving the coins anytime soon but I would like to know when the targeted date would be.

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No that doesn’t answer it. I wrote down the exact amount I originally staked for all the pools. AND that amount has NOT increased by a single coin. I just double check and I am not mistaken. It is the exact same number. (btw I hate using discord and I will not redownload that app)

Also you didn’t anwer my 2ndary question. When will all my astar tokens be transferable?

The amount staked will not increase if you don’t add more stake.

Yes, you got the rewards, but you didn’t read my previous post properly. The rewards are not automatically staked. But, it is sent to your wallet.

If you came from crowdloan, your ASTR is vested for 22 months,

For me it just rounds up to the thousands on the total balance of astr in my wallet. So I can’t see if I got a couple hundred coins from staking or not. Also what is the claimable amount mean?

I did the 2nd ETH lock last year. So does that mean 22 months starting from the time I originally invested? Or starting from when the coin was released?

If you read my previous post properly, it says you can go astar.subscan.io and paste your wallet address, look for the reward/slash tab.

I dont think you read and try to understand things.

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