AstarSignWitchDAO -Builders Project Application

Project Overview

DAO aims to create Web3NativeIP.
We are participating in the Astar Hackathon.
Like Touhou and the SCP Foundation, we aim to create content that will be enlivened by users’ secondary creations.

Different from current NFT projects that end after the sale.
Fundraise through a PFP NFT with a worldview based on AstarNetwork.
The proceeds of the funds will be put into WatanabeSota’s Wallet, which will not be freely available to DAOs.
The funds will be used to expand into BCG and real goods.
In addition, airdrops will be conducted for NFT holders on an irregular basis.
Dice will publish a series of AstarSignWitch cartoons.
We will collaborate with other BCGs (MCS/MCH/BFH/CS as an example).
Allow users to freely create secondary works.
Protect DAO’s intellectual property by charging royalties if it becomes official.
Generate Web3Native IP from AstarNetwork to help cartoonists, artists, and engineers to focus on creation activities by relying on DappStaking rewards.


bluemage#5567 BCG Engineer
De#7162 BG Art
Dice#4329 Chara Art
endore#5309 Founder
Game-Senmu/Wakao#7026 BCG Plannner
mmmog#8672 BCG Engineer
norio#1337 Anime Art
RikRok#7374 Community Manager
rmanzoku#1341 Code Audit
Shun Furuya#6975 Front Engineer
TABE#1915 BCG Endineer
yamapyblack#0061 Code Audit
かえるD#4395 BCG Plannner
かざま#9174 UI/UX Designer
st0226#0874 Community Manager


Discord:Astar Sign Witch
MINTDapps:Before Launch

Stats/Past Performance

Before Launch

Track Record

Before Launch


Before Launch

Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone1: (NFT Sale)

Astar Hackathon Demo Day 5/7
→Here is the presentation for the hackathon.

NFT mint start 5/8
→We sell 2400 NFT (12 constellations x 200 bodies) here.
We are aiming for $1M.

Estimated End Date:

Milestone2: (Content Expansion)

Casual smartphone game (not BCG) Launch
→I also work on a team creating hyper casual games.
You can play it on your smart phone.

Collaboration with other games and projects Launch
→Join the Discord.
There are many collaborators.
We are very good friends.

Dice to Serialize SignWitch Cartoon Start
→Dice is originally a cartoonist.
His world building, illustrations, and writing speed are all on par with the professionals.
He will surely become a famous IP in the future. I am sure of it.

Executive Director of Gaming and Kaeru D. to develop BCG Start
→With the help of Kaeru D., a director of a game development company, and the game’s executive director, we are opening up a new BCG genre.

Estimated End Date: (This should be within 3 months after delivering milestone1)

Milestone3: (Content Expansion2!)

Dice to Serialize SignWitch Cartoon Finish
→It will also be available on the Web.
Each frame will be NFT and the dialogue can be altered.
A paperback book will be published.

Executive Director of Gaming and Kaeru D. to develop Launch
→Playable on smartphones/PCs with sustainable BCG system.

Estimated End Date: (This should be within 3 months after delivering milestone2)
Detail:2022/11/15 ←hmmm…

Future Plans


Real Apparel
→I know the president of the apparel company and the factory people at Supureme.

Digital Apparel
→I’m approaching people who are setting up digital fashion to collaborate.

→Someone from the Oasys chain has suggested that we create a Witch berth.

→Unicask I would like to collaborate with people who make alcohol.

→I want to play with the maid cafes in Akihabara.

→It will take a budget and delivery time, but we will definitely make it in a short film.

→When we really get the money, we will make a movie.

Image Sample

World view

Full Image

last comment

I’m missing some information or tell me this! If you have any questions, we will respond immediately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
I’m tired of NFTPJ only making money deployed in ETH, Web3 needs more dreams and hopes.
AstarSignWitchDAO needs to become a success story and find more and more people who are committed to manga/anime, indie game development, etc. who are struggling to pay their bills and let their talents blossom in Web3.
I hate a world like BAYC that does not give back to the artists.
However, I will also cherish ROMs like 2ch.
Even those who are just browsing are contributors.
Just increasing the number of people who are aware of it will go a long way.
There are so many characters and if any one of them likes something, that’s good.
We will increase the number of people who run NFT and DAO with love and who can share this philosophy.
In reality, I work for and TofuNFT, and I am serious about achieving the fusion of reality and web3 in the metaverse.
Please definitely keep an eye on us.


Well,i like this,s project


Thank you!!
Please look forward to it!


thx! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


It’s a very good community. The illustrations are also cute


Thank you for your comment.
We are developing every day to align our vision with the reality.
Also, the discussions are mainly available to everyone on Discord.
As we get closer to release, we will be able to publish information on other platforms such as Twitter.
It is difficult to find a balance between the excitement of the existence of secrets and the disclosure of information that does not make people suspect scam.

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very good community. I love it.


Project looks very promising , congrats in advance


They will postpone their application and focus on minting NFT. No need to add them to the builders program.

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