C14 - dApp Staking Application

I voted yes through Townhall.
There is no rule limiting the number of dApps that can be listed for dApp Staking per team, so I think it’s no problem.

Hello Dro,

The SiO2 is Aave v2 and C14 v3 with other features including RWA for an example. Also the products operate on different blockchains with not the same community.

SiO2 is the leading lending protocol on Astar and a top 3 DeFi product, including zkEVM that means users are using SiO2 protocol often, so dunno why are you takling about we not succeeded. With just 1.5% of SiO2 supply in circulation, we’re being just patient about the listing.

We’ve also created an Algem adapter to enhance $ASTR use cases, and we’re proud to be completely self-funded.

Thank you, have a nice day. Matt


I didn’t say that SiO2 is not a success. It’s just feel unfinished as project from my point of view. If I am right with the same team you develop 4 different products :

  • Astrid Dao
  • SiO2
  • L2X
  • C14

As reminder, on SiO2 Discord :

Nowadays TGE is not planned. And we still farming SiO2 token with hypothetical APR display.

So when I read in this topic you aim to reward users by increasing APR for C14, It’s hard as SiO2 user to trust you again. And see you starting new products feel you let old one unmaintained.

We have been following Astar’s direction whos switched the focus from Astar L1 to Astar zkEVM, so that we launched C14 to support Astar zkEVM ecosystem and postpone the TGE and planning for a merge.

Also about the message you posted in the screen, this still stands the requirements are not met, ASTR still deep under ATH, so please be patient about it, thank you!

Thank you for you explanation!

Thank you for your proposal.
Great proposal.