Astar dApp Staking Application - Blockscout

Hello, Astar community,

We are writing to formally apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing on behalf of Blockscout, an open-source blockchain explorer that has been serving the Astar community for over 2 years.

Project Overview:

Blockscout is a full-featured, open-source blockchain explorer designed to support a wide range of projects and chains. It empowers users to perform deep searches, read, write and verify contracts, make API calls, customize views, and interact with applications deployed on-chain.

Key Features:

Open Source Development: Blockscout’s code is community-driven and available for anyone to explore, use, and enhance.

Real-Time Transaction Tracking: Users can monitor transactions in real time and receive the latest transaction data without needing to refresh the page.

Smart Contract Interaction: Blockscout allows users to read and verify Solidity & Vyper smart contracts, facilitating seamless development.

Token Support: Support for fungible ERC20 and non-fungible ERC721 tokens.

Decoded Views: Contract method calls and logs are decoded within the UI, providing additional insights.

Full-Featured API: Blockscout’s GraphQL interface allows users to test API calls directly from a web interface, and RPC methods are well-documented.

ENS Support: Support for ENS and other Name Services.

New UI: we recently unveiled a fresh and modern UI that brings a sleek look but also comes with a host of exciting enhancements that greatly improve the overall user experience. New modules like Stats & Charts, DApp Marketplace, and MyAccount are now available for Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya!


We are working on many enhancements and new features for Blokscout, please see our roadmap for a full overview of what we have planned: Roadmap - Blockscout

Blockscout serves as an essential tool in the multi-chain paradigm, enabling transparent analysis and validation of transactions across different blockchain networks.

dApp Staking Reward Usage:

All rewards from dApp Staking will be used to support maintenance, hosting, and regular updates and upgrades for Blockscout Astar, Shiden, and Shibuya instances.

Product and Community Links:



Discord: Blockscout


We are excited about the opportunity to continue contributing to the Astar ecosystem and provide valuable insights and tools to its community. We kindly request your consideration for the Astar dApp Staking program.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or require additional information.

Best regards,

Blockscout Team


I love your new UI. Good work !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Infra PJ is very important, so I’m proud of you. :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for your proposal. I think the UI is very nice! I apologize for the naive question, but how do you plan to support Astar zkEVM? Also, if there are any plans for localization, please let me know.


I first met your new UI at zKatana, Astar zkEVM-testnet.

So, I‘m waiting for Astar zkEVM-Mainnet !! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for the feedback and kind words @naoyo4, amazing to hear that you like our new UI!

Hey @tksarah, as Naoyo already pointed out above, Blockscout already supports zKatana testnet and we are ready to support Astar’s zkEVM mainnet once it is live.


Great that you have been encouraged to join our program! At the user level they have improved their interface, you have to admit it. I don’t have any questions at this very moment, I want to see how the conversation breaks down in this thread, in the meantime, you have my support.


Thank you for the feedback @Juminstock!

List Blockscout in dApp Staking
  • Yes
  • No
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The explorer is an important service, so of course, I voted Yes.


Glad to hear that you are going to support Astar zkEVM


It’s AYE from me! Thank you!


Hi Blockscout team, without any doubt, my vote is an absolutely AYE for Blockscout. Such infrastructure is indeed crucial to provide seemless service, so dApp staking should be one of the ways to maintain the professional infrastructure.

It would be great if a regular report can be shared on this forum so that community also can know more about Blockscout.


I’ll suport this proposal!


Thank you all for such a positive feedback! :heart:

@souleater, btw we already support zKatana with Blockscout →


Blockscout has been there since the beginning. You have my support.


It’s a nice UX we are used to, I support you. zkEVM is a nice application that appeals to the eyes of the future Ethereum committee.

I voted ‘YES’.

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I’ve met Blockscout through zKatana testing and I loved the amazing UI + the easy to navigate web page, reading the planned roadmap I cannot be happier to see Your application to dApp Staking. Voted YES and welcome to Astar :star2: :handshake:

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the voted yes! Thanks for applying dapp Staking

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Thanks for applying for the dApp staking, the explorer is useful for the eco, I would like to support the proposal

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Blockscout has been included in the list and that makes me very happy, new applications to be embedded in our program, very good applications.