Capital DAO - Builders Project Application

CapitalDAO is being developed based on Web 3.0 philosophy.
Although we are an anonymous team, we have 5+ years of experience in developing and investing in the blockchain industry.


Capital DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization investment firm specializing in the cryptocurrency field. Capital DAO is the next frontier by turning investments made by traditional venture capital more transparent. In addition, it provides investment opportunities for DAO members, investment proposals as well as governance voting. It aims to educate community members and to offer feedback for projects.

CapitalDAO Triple-Token Model

CapitalDAO has adopted a Triple-Token model to maintain a more permanent and lasting foundation.

CDS : The CapitalDAO Starter Token is used to access the Capital DAO Launchpad.
CPDT : CapitalDAO’s Governance Token.
CPDP : The CapitalDAO Profit Token is used to take in the profits of CapitalDAO. This Token can only be obtained by staking CPDT.

CapitalDAO Treasury

We had fundraising in September 2021.
After deducting the marketing cost and the initial liquidity provided during the token sale, Capital DAO has successfully raised $8,732,979.63 at the market price on that day.

The Investment Fund’s budget is $5,239,787.78, which is 60% of the total amount raised after subtracting 20% for the operation fee and 20% for system development.
As of February 2022, we have the following Tokens managed through a multi-sig wallet.
500.23 ETH
3,196,488.29 USDC
39,801.17 USDT
0.00028991 CDS/ETH (UniSwapLP)

CapitalDAO Main features

CapitalDAO Roadmap

We are planning to release our launchpad on Ethereum in April.
Then during Q2, we plan to deploy our current staking and pharming features, tokens, and Launchpad to the Astar Network.

2022 Q1

  • Beta Launch of Capital DAO Starter Beta version of the platform will be released.
  • First round of funding with Capital DAO Starter($CPDT) The first IDO will be a sale for $CPDT.
  • Launch of V2 Yield Farming/Staking New CDS Single Staking and CDS/ETH LP Staking will be available. A pool to get allocations for IDO participants will be opened.
  • Launch of V3 Yield Farming/Staking Launch pool will be opened. You can receive new IDO Tokens as rewards by Farming/Staking CDS and CDS/ETH.

2022 Q2

  • Launch of the full functional DAO
  • Multi-chain support for Capital DAO protocol Will be supported by Astar Network
  • Seed Sale Program will launch
  • Launch of V4 Yield Farming / Staking You can earn $CPDP by Single Staking CPDT and Yield Farming CPDT/ETH.

2022 Q3

  • Multi-chain support for the Capital DAO protocol Will be supported by BNB Chain & SOLANA

2022 Q4

  • Launch of DAO Worker

Capital DAO Information


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