"Claim estimated rewards" show wrong values

Hello community,
This is the second time I’ve been collecting my rewards for Period 001 and something that stands out that upon claiming, i end up with a reward that is 50% or less of the estimated one. Has anyone else had such experience? Is there a mechanism that punishes reward claiming, if not, why is the estimated value so off?


This is well known? bugs. We can see many same bug post in discord.
But Shibuya-testnet is almost down ( last finalize is 1 day 17hours ago ), so we can’t even check and fix it.

Oh my $DED ! :sob:

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same thing just happened with my second claim, nearly 50% lost. (my first claim was correct)

comigo também está acontecendo a mesma coisa, no painel mostra que tenho tal recompensa para reivindicar e quando pego a recompensa aparece valores errados na meu saldo

This bug seems to occur with stakers who are staking in the WASM contract.
It’s currently being fixed and is expected to be corrected soon.


Thank you for your useful information.
But Shibuya is getting worse, my staked $SBY will be back soon ?

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Shibuya is BACK !! Thank you for your efforts. :four_leaf_clover:


Hello @octochicken,

The incorrect estimation of dApp Staking rewards on the portal was due to a bug in the calculation mechanism (the user interface calculated the rewards for stakers on WASM contracts twice). This problem has been corrected and deployed on Astar network.

Github PR: Staker rewards calculation fix by bobo-k2 · Pull Request #1224 · AstarNetwork/astar-apps · GitHub


Awesome, kudos for the great work.

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