Build2Earn Rewards Query 1.1

Hello Astar,

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to the whole community for supporting DeStore’s rise to the top 5 dApps, and we appreciate dApp staking as it is helping us to build.

I have 2 topics to bring up however I will submit the 2ed query at a later date to keep this discussion simple.

DeStore is currently Tier 2. Please see the following screenshot for easy reference for this discussion:

Tier 2 is currently being paid 2,342 $ASTR or $227 a day. This equates to $6,810 based on a 30-day month, that’s $6,660.


$ASTR is currently sitting at $0.09669 with 2,342 ASTR = to $227 USD

Based on New Inflation Model proposal. A 30-day month, this is around $6,810, accounting for almost 50% less than the projections. This Price error is the same across the other Tiers as well, approximately 50% less in rewards then the projections indicate.

While I understand that the price of Astar has gone down and that there are many moving parts, I would expect income fluctuations around ±10%, but not 50%.

So I would like to bring this up to the community and get the thoughts of others.

Regards Josiah


This is a deviation to the current price and reward amount, but this has to do with the code that is under development.
(dApp Staking v3 is not yet complete and some features are not implemented)

This case is related to the Tier reconfiguration feature. Currently, the Tier parameters are not reconfigured during 1Period, so the dApps Tier fluctuates, but the rewards and number of slots do not. Therefore, even if the price of ASTR decreases, the number of slots does not decrease, so the ASTR allocation per slot does not increase and rewards do not increase.

The current Tier configuration is based on the ASTR price at the start of the current Period, so it is in a sense normal that the rewards are almost half of what they were. Therefore, please wait for the implementation of the feature.


Thank you for your feedback, when should we expect this to be complete?


I don’t know, so ask the core team.

Sorry to bother you, but can you tell me what the timeline is for the Tier reconfiguration feature?


It’s crucial to promptly address the sudden decrease in ASTR rewards for all dapp builders. Transparency and fairness are essential, especially as we transition to the Polygon Agg layer. This issue needs urgent attention to maintain trust and credibility. Please prioritize resolving this matter. @Dino @0xRamz @maario @Jerad @sota @Maarten @Leo @Bear_Stearns @Gaius_sama @Matt

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No problem, the oracle solution has been deployed on Shibuya, and will be deployed on Shiden and Astar during May. We’ve had an offline meetup this week, and I’m OOO for the next week but all the features have been implemented and tested, so there shouldn’t be any further delays.


Thank you and best regards!


Thank you for the update. @Dino
Great work on the camp last week, Astar Team.

Regarding the progress of dApp Staking v3, is there a page where I can check the detailed information?
If it’s only on the forum, there’s a possibility that the number of people who can check it becomes limited.
Also, if it’s only available on GitHub as public information, having even a simple mention on the Astar Portal or Website might reassure everyone.
It would be nice to have something like a progress status against the roadmap! :blush:


Thank you @tksarah, yes something formal would be good.

We have committed a lot of time and effort into building and marketing Astar. We have fulfilled what we proposed in our Build2Earn Proposal on this forum. We have reached 100M staked ASTR and a road map of what we expect to do with the earnings. Our commitment to staff and contractors based of the rewards schedule offered by Astar Network, This 50% reduction means that now we have to pull back 50% as this is our sole form of income while we build.

@Dino will dApps be composited for the shortfall?

We have done our part however the ball has been dropped on Astars side.


@tksarah All of the ongoing dev items related to dApp staking are under Github issues in Astar project. I’ll talk with the team about making this more visible in the future. We’ve had tweets about new features, but personally I don’t think tweeting about Shibuya upgrades is what we want :laughing:.

Please check the official docs here.
I also talked about it here.

The docs link has been there since dApp staking v3 launch, it’s no new information. There’s no bug in the system, it’s just a shortcoming I’ve already mentioned before. I don’t see any compensation happening since it’s working as expected & as documented.

I do agree that this isn’t a good situation, and so the improvement has been implemented & deployed on Shibuya already.

I’ll push this so it gets deployed ASAP on Shiden/Astar.


Thank you for your reply. @Dino
I understand.
I’m an engineer so I’m familiar with github, but it can be difficult for the general public, so please consider using it!

Also, I agree with you about Shibuya.

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Thanks for clarifying and for the quick action on Shibuya! Looking forward to the update on Shiden/Astar.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation from You and quick implementation on Shibuya from the team. I also agree on what Takeshi mentioned, even it is on Github but it might be limited to be distributed to public. Look forward to seeing further updates! Thanks.


Update for visibility: dApps Staking v3 - proposal - #126 by Dino