Community Enquiry

Hello everyone!
I’m glad to be here amongst great minds.

I have been building communities with NEAR Protocol, and Aurora.

I wish to confirm if there is a community strategy to have regional communities help in growing this project by onboarding more users and builders.

Thanks, and I wait for a candid reply.

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We have our Ambassadors from Japan, SEA, Europe, USA and LATAM to help grow the local community.

Our Ambassadors are incentivized for their contribution.

We are also doing hackathon around the globe to grow the developer community aside from the Technical Ambassador Program which aims to bootstrap the OG of ink!.

Recently, we started Astar Night, a local meetup in Amsterdam. This will be a series of events which will be carried out across the globe.


Thanks for your reply.
How do one become am ambassador?

Has the team considered having one from Africa?

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We have an Ambassador from Africa.

We select active community members only.

welcome to the astar network forum,I support you if you want to build on the Astar network without becoming an ambassador. lets make something on astar sir!