Looking for organizer of Events, Hackathons, Campaigns

Hi, I’m Shun from Astar/Shiden core team.

We are looking for people/companies/organizations who are willing to do these;

The core team can cover expenses and give rewards for the contribution.
We will use SDN as a payment method.

Make sure the quality of these events or campaigns should be professional level.
We welcome someone who has done similar events before.

Usually, these kinds of activities are covered in Astar Community Program.
But I know it is difficult to find what to do. So, I post here as a request from our side.

Let me know if you are interested!
Telegram: @shnshkw


What kind of campaigns?

Campaigns to encourage outside of Astar/Shiden community to follow our Twitter , subscribe our mail.

The example of Argent is great.

  1. Get attention
  2. Register email address (They will get news when there is big updates)
  3. Follow Twitter
  4. Retweet
  5. Referral
  6. They need to create account to receive the reward
  7. They are incentivized to check updates

These are achieved with the simple website.


Ah… this can be easily done with Gleam.io However, from my experience, most of the participants are airdrop hunters and most of them won’t contribute to the community growth once the campaign is over.

This can also be done by doing a bounty campaign on Bitcointalk.


Thank you for the info.

Yeah, these activities are always difficult, but what’s worse is doing nothing.
I’m always welcome to hear the best way to use SDN tokens!

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Coinmarketcap learn and earn is surely better. At least the participants need to watch videos etc before they answer the quiz to win rewards. In most cases, the winners will get $10 worth of tokens.

We can giveaway $5000 worth of tokens for 500 winners. Depending on the budget.


Hey @shnshkw. I have experience in managing campaigns similar to Argent. Have hosted a few of them. IMHO, Gleam.io won’t be a good platform as it has been abused by a lot of low-tier projects and may be a bad choice for Astar. There are a few alternatives that can help. We can connect on telegram for further discussions on this, if this is still open.

Love the mindset here​:+1::+1:


Do you have guides for those who are interested in organizing events for software engineers? Any scenarios? Requirements how do you see it?

I have made high level event and I am able to organize an event for programmers.


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