Token Holder Directed Dapp Staking

Dapp staking is a very interesting idea that could be a prime driver for value creation in the Astar/Shiden ecosystem. The idea of dvelopers making proposals and then token holders funding them to build out those proposals should create effective incentives (ie. cash flows) with everybody benefiting. What I don’t see is an avenue for token holders to direct developers as to what they want to see built. For example, imagine a token holder (or group thereof) holds enough tokens that when staked, the income stream is sufficient cash flow to retain a developer (or group thereof) by salary or by piece work. That entity should have some means to direct the developer as to what they would like to see built.

One way this could work inside of the existing Astar/Shiden portal is to allow for token holders to make Dapp proposals explaining what they would like see built. To prevent spam proposals the proposer would be required to stake a quantity of tokens for a period of time such that it would economically stupid to make low quality proposals. Once the proposal is made, and approved, it would be staked analogous tot he other projects in the Dapp store. The staking rewards that would have gone to the “operator” would instead be stored in a pool the size and growth of which depends on the numbers of tokens staked to it. At some point the pool would grow large enough to incentivize a developer to complete the task. Alternatively, if the cash flow from staking was high enough, and the project complex enough, then a full-time developer(s). might be retained.

TLDR; There should be a mechanism for token holders to suggest what they would like to fund, rather than waiting for developers to propose ideas they expect people would like to fund.

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