dApp Staking - Migration From v2 to v3

Hello everyone,

this is a small update about the migration process from the current dApps Staking v2 over to the new dApp Staking v3.

General Info

  • all registered dApps will be migrated, no actions required from the owners
  • staker’s locked tokens will be migrated
  • stakes WILL NOT be migrated, all stakers will need to pick which dApp(s) to stake on again
    • this is to keep in line with the new periods and stake reset
    • it’s important for stakers to stake again their tokens to continue earning rewards
  • once v3 is deployed, v2 will be removed

Unclaimed Rewards

Once v3 is launched, all of the unclaimed v2 rewards will become inaccessible. It doesn’t make sense to migrate rewards since the new Tokenomics 2.0 are tightly coupled with dApp staking - e.g. it’s not really possible to guarantee any inflation rate if we allow minting of over 2 year old rewards.

To prevent users from loosing long accumulated rewards, a special state will be introduced into v2 - Decommission Mode. Once decommissioning has started, majority of the dApps staking v2 functionality will be disabled, with the exception of reward claim calls. Two new special calls will also become available - delegated staker reward claim & delegated reward destination setting.

Using the new delegated calls, anyone will be able to claim rewards for anyone else. E.g. Alice can claim rewards for Bob - this essentially means that Alice pays for the transaction fee to claim Bob's. Of course, Bob's rewards are deposited into his account, not Alice's :slightly_smiling_face:.

Astar team will ensure that all pending rewards are claimed during the decommissioning. We won’t launch v3 until all unclaimed rewards have been claimed.
These transactions won’t be free, and whoever runs the claim bot will need to be reimbursed by the treasury - but this is another topic.

Please do your best to claim the rewards yourself, and encourage others to do the same. This is just a one time thing, and won’t be something used again in dApp staking v3. Everyone is responsible for claiming their own rewards - also, with the new periods system, stakers will need to claim rewards & stake again roughly every 3 months to continue earning rewards.

Ledger Users

For Ledger users who use the native account, dApp staking v3 will be temporarily unavailable. This is due to how Ledger app works & what is currently being developed.

Ledger users will still be able to withdraw funds from dApp staking, they only won’t be able to stake & claim rewards in the new protocol version.

Why this limitation?
Ledger is currently developing a new generic app for all Polkadot/Kusama parachains, and that should be available soon (within months). Once that’s available, Ledger native users will be able to participate in dApp staking v3.

For all Ledger EVM users, this limitation won’t apply - they will be able to participate in dApp staking v3 immediately.

NOTE - it is possible that by the launch of dApp staking v3, Ledger generic app will be launched, completely removing this limitation.


a great idea of motivting people to claim the rewards before starting v3! Ready for claiming for hibernating stakers for their rewards claimed :saluting_face:


Thanks for the reply, and sorry if my post was misleading, but we don’t expect anyone to claim on behalf of others. Of course, the delegated call will be open to anyone.

The plan is for us to write a simple script that will do this automatically.
The reimbursement would just be for the transactions fee, there would be no reward or incentive for doing this.

Of course, if someone decides to do this, and proves they did it, they should be reimbursed.


Thank you for your announcement. Please let us know when the detailed schedule is decided. We are looking forward to it very much. :four_leaf_clover:


Hi Dino,

thanks for the quick response. Using “on belahf of” was misleading. I was glad to see the latest update on v3, so wanted to write something. I have updated. My point was to make all the remaining rewards claimed to move to v3, for such I am ready to help. I never meant for any rewards expected or so :slight_smile:
The rewards should belong to the stakers, it is clear and you already have mentioned it.

By the way, even after having this decommisson period is over, if still there are some unclaimed rewards, then would they be burnt or so? Or only after all of them are claimed?



I should have been more clear - you would be able to claim for others, anyone will be, but we don’t plan to have an offchain campaign to rewards users for doing that.

The reason behind this is also the answer to your follow-up question :slightly_smiling_face:. Once the decommissioning starts, we won’t transition to v3 until ALL staker rewards have been migrated over.

For whatever remains in the dApp staking account, my personal opinion is that it should be burned. But I believe this will be another forum topic soon. It’s not something that needs to be done immediately from the technical perspective, to transition from v2 to v3. We can also address it post-launch.

Hope this helps!


It is really clear the information you provided. I think the priority is to avoid the loss of user assets, and you made it clear how that will be solved!


If someone is currently using native hot wallet to stake their Astr, when the V3 migration process starts, can they move it out of native to Astar EVM and stake there using ledger? Or the Astr is still locked?


Thank you so much for your clarification. This will help any user to see clear picture =)

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Thank you so much for providing information in advance to facilitate the transition to v3.

If possible as the next step, it would be very helpful if you could give specific examples of patterns followed by users generally involved in ‘dapp staking’ and illustrate the actions that need to be taken during preparation and migration timing.

I believe that this is important because ‘dapp staking’ is utilized by people worldwide, and there is a potential for communication misunderstandings if there are implicit knowledge or procedures within the preparation and steps.


There’s no difference between an Ledger account, native or EVM, or an account from any other cold wallet or hot wallet, to the blockchain - it’s all just an account. All locked funds will be migrated from v2 to v3.

You can unlock your funds day before the migration starts, or after it finishes, it will end up being almost the same thing. In both cases you will have to undergo the unbonding/unlocking period of ~10 days.

I agree, and this will be handled by the marketing team.
Forum isn’t the right tool for the required outreach.

I just wanted to share these migration related stuff to more closely engaged part of the community. For the regular user, it doesn’t make any difference.

But to summarize the info, the core thing that every user should learn and adapt to is:

  • stakes are reset at the end of each period
  • voting during the Voting subperiod makes stakers eligible for the bonus rewards

We need to encourage many users to earn rewards again without losing users, and we need to inform users who have already locked their tokens as soon as possible.


Here I would like to congratulate the work of the entire team involved and wish success for this new model adopted. Now one point that is not clear is why leave the decommissioning period open, and not stipulate a deadline.

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The decommission date will be announced once it’s precisely known.

Runtime logic is currently undergoing a security audit, which is expected to finish early February. If all will be fine, we’ll proceed with the decommission of v2 and launch of v3 immediately.


Thank you Dino for the advance information on transitioning to v3. Our goal is to incentivize users to earn rewards without losing any, and promptly inform those who have already locked their tokens.

So we might create some clear guidelines preferably with video / image guides :slight_smile:


Hope the new year is treating you greatly! Just wanted to ask you about the dapp staking v3.

Wondering what this means

"staker’s locked tokens will be migrated

"stakes WILL NOT be migrated, all stakers will need to pick which dApp(s) to stake on again

this is to keep in line with the new periods and stake reset"

Do all the users who staked in the dapps will have to unstake all their stake and stake again or what they staked will be carried along to v3?

Thank you and looking forward to a great year for Astar :))


Thanks for posting the question here!

I’d recommend to first check the following new docs to get better understanding:

Locking tokens means they become eligible to be used for dApp staking. This is similar (or same) as before in v2. Locked tokens cannot be used to pay transaction fees, cannot be sent to other accounts, etc.

In v2, both locking & staking were a single action but in v3 they are split.

Once v3 is deployed, more or less the entire TVL will be migrated.
This means if Alice was staking on dApp A 3000 ASTR, after the migration, Alice will have 3000 ASTR locked.

But these 3000 ASTR won’t be staked on anything. Instead, Alice will need to decide what to stake on (maybe on dApp A again) and repeat the stake action.

In case she doesn’t want to stake anymore, she can unlock, which is similar to the old unbond&unstake and wait for the unlocking period to pass (roughly 10 days) before these funds can be freely used again (e.g. transfer to someone else).

No stakes are getting carried over, but all TVL is getting carried over.

Hope this helps.


Excellent information, this way I will be able to announce to my community the updates of dApp Staking, there is a lot of expectation!

Lately there are a lot of questions about this, a FAQ would be interesting.


@Gaius_sama and myself have started discussing this yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:.

There will be a FAQ added to the docs, and many more info will be shared in the coming days & weeks.


Thank you! Dino! We will wait for the FAQ soon!