Dapp staking - Potential exploits & solutions discussions

The current way that Dapp staking can be abused by a malicious user (with multiple accounts) or groups of users in the following ways:

  1. Stake SDN multiple times (different accounts), in multiple targeted Dapps with the minimum amount (100 SDN) and keep those slots “hostage”. This would have 2 objectives:
  • Make those dapps have less SDN staked than they would otherwise, getting fewer rewards, etc.
  • Invest the largest bulk of their SDN in a single project that will get more rewards due to previous point.
  1. Stake multiple times with multiple accounts in a single DAPP. This could be done by a whale with the intention of getting most of the rewards from a project. (This issue occurs in most staking systems though)

Possible aggressors:
Whales, Groups (telegram groups, etc), Malicious users, Competitor Dapps (To damage other Dapps and get more rewards flow towards them).

Possible Solutions:

  • Select top 512 contributors (Meaning, unlimited/bigger amount of people could stake, but only top512 get to stake)
  • Let Dapps change the minimum if they so desire.

The second issue listed occurs in most staking systems I’ve seen and probably can’t be solved unless a more sophisticated solution is made.


this is a temporary option for 512 accounts. Testing is currently underway on the mainnet. Further, this restriction will be removed.

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