Dapp staking re-lock

Hello, as the title says I have an issue with my Astr tokens, unfortunately my wallet was compromised after I clicked a phishing link, and I’m trying to remove my staked Astr tokens from the dapps but the hacker keeps relocking the tokens back, is there anything I can do to stop this relock of my tokens or put a front run bot… thanks for the help anyone


These types of topics are what give me a cold sweat, at the same time I can’t stop responding, but I advise you not to accept this or any other first option. If you still have the tokens, time may work in your favor.
On the computer that is causing problems, I would do the minimum possible actions except run a good antivirus in case it solves it.
From another CLEAN computer you could verify that the infection is independent of the browser. Perhaps from another non-infected computer the exploit has no power. (Remember that things in quarantine are not touched) I do not offer professional support. I’m afraid you’ll lose your tokens.
The latter could help us all. Take a screenshot of the link, where you saw it and how you last saw it. If you have access, right-clicking and inspecting the element can reveal valuable information about the malicious script and its author.
Careful. Do not run to do any action that you can glimpse a solution here. If the solution is here SUPER; but if possible do not take action until more members who have passed by offer assistance. Care in the intermediate steps. A false click can translate into losses.

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Hello @Saltrock1

It’s a shame to hear that.

If the hacker controls your wallet’s private key, he has the same permissions as you on that address and can therefore stake/unstake/transfer tokens.

You need to find a way to unstakeyour tokens and transfer them to another wallet, as you’re already trying to do, but without the hacker being able to re-stake them.

It may take a while, but I suggest you continue what you’re doing, as the hacker may give up at some point and you can then transfer your tokens.

You’re the only one who can do something here, the community can’t move your funds for you as we don’t have authority over your address, we can only advise and support you.

Good luck!