I need help, dapp staking token missing

i stake some ASTR on dapp staking by using ‘‘https://portal.astar.network/’’ website last year.

Today i want to get rewards, and i find out the website is upgraded to V2, and my staking amount goes to 0.

That means i can’t get back the tokens which staking on year ago from new website.

What use i do? i don’t know how to call the functions in subscan. it’s much compelicant than etherscan.

Thanks for your help.

The tokens are in your wallet. What is your address?

my wallet is empty. the old dapp staking is no EVM or Polkadot? too long time that i can’t remember.

dApp staking has always been on native (polkadot.js). Now tell me your address and I will see the transactions.


It’s because you are not connected with the same wallet.
Please share your address here so we can have a look, or join our Discord server to get support from our Ambassadors.


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thanks for you reply, my address:

thanks, i can’t join the discord server, i was locked down after verification, you see


You need to click on the Astar logo.

I have checked the wallets. None of then has SDN in it. Please recall which wallet did you have SDN.

not SDN, it’s ASTR token

i think after the dapp staking V2 launched, the new interfaces and new dapps coming, but they are not incloud the old ones(old dapps).

so i can’t find way to unstake my tokens. Subscan is much competix, i can’t call contract directly like etherscan did.

Follow this tutorial:

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still get problem. i called claimStaker / withdrawFromUnregistered, but it’s failure. please help to check

smartcontractId: “Evm”:“0x5ccb8386ab108ee5508285724688b1c5b8613b14”

accountId: aL25R5zVvRKdevCv71FgoExhoFnioHGKTp3SeqinXrRdUWp

I check that there is no ASTR on that smartcontractId, so is failure. i can’t get my ASTR back right?

It seems that your stake was automatically removed when the dApp got delisted.

Your 1.9k ASTR is still on your wallet though and it is being vested. Check your vesting schedule on the portal.

Please,check offical diascord or telegram announcement !