Delist Stake Technologies from dApp staking


Chaos is the mother of creation and innovation.

We have set up a DAO for Shiden Network that will govern the ecosystem and anything that happens on the protocol level. It will be the voice of Shiden as a whole. The Shiden DAO is our way of making Shiden Network community-driven and decentralized. Because the Shiden DAO is the brain and heart of Shiden Network, we must ensure that the community is always engaged and everyone is motivated.

dApp Staking

The Shiden dApp staking mechanism should be there to incentivize the builder’s inside our ecosystem that are currently adding value to it. We currently have dApps listed in our dApp staking portal that don’t bring any value. It’s time to change this and it’s time for our community to speak up! So please make your proposal but make sure you understand the value of dApp staking in regard to our vision.

More information about dApp staking:

Proposal: Delist Stake Technologies

Stake Technologies, (aka Astar Foundation) the company behind the network, has been part of our dApp staking mechanism from day 1. As mentioned during our launch event, we as ShidenDAO will delist them from dApp staking.

Next Steps

After 2 days of forum discussion we will hold the official voting on OpenSquare so every $SDN holder can cast their vote on this proposal.


I support this move. Its time to show the community what the ShidenDAO aims to do. Delisting of the Stake Technologies is a way to demonstrate our intent to make it community centric.