Delisting criteria should be established

■ Purpose of this topic
We will discuss the criteria for delisting projects from Dapp Staking.

■ Current issues with Dapp Staking
Currently, there are no clear criteria for delisting projects from Dapp Staking.
As a result, delisting is being discussed based on emotions rather than facts.

I believe it will be necessary to establish delisting rules in the future.
The need for delisting rules will not change even after the implementation of Dapp Staking v3.
Instead of blaming individual dapps, let’s first establish the rules.
Please share your opinions.

It would be helpful if the discussions here could be useful when implementing the delisting function in the future.

Here are some questions to consider when establishing delisting criteria:

・Should projects be delisted if no new development is being done?
→Maintaining a project also incurs costs.
→Infrastructure projects do not frequently undertake new development. Are such projects unsuitable for Dapp Staking?

・Should projects that have caused problems even once be delisted?
→After a problem, if no amount of effort is rewarded, the project will make no effort to rebuild.

・Should projects that receive rewards that are not appropriate for their size be delisted?
→Projects cannot control the amount of reward they receive.


That’s an interesting topic to discuss, and discussions should happen all year long.

Ultimately it refers not only to delisting but to simply have projects listed in dapp staking.

No universal list of criteria can come out of any discussion globally in the community, but this discussion can help people with the same values and influences gather together, and organize in the way they think is the best to support their views.

Let’s also keep in mind that what is true at one point may not be at another point in the future.
People can consider a dapp worth listing in dapp staking one day and not fit another day.

Important in that is to respect all opinions, and not try to impose our view and the universal truth, what is right or what is wrong. If each of us in the community can agree to disagree, the ecosystem will thrive.


The proposal for the new V3 dapp is more than clear, anyone who doesn’t produce doesn’t receive it, I believe it’s an unnecessary topic.


For me this topic has a considerable level of importance, these last weeks we saw how the proposals to take out of the list and the information provided were not synchronized with what was shown, a total problem.

I will give my opinion after seeing implemented the V3 of dApp Staking, because then we will be able to see on the fly the solutions that this update provides to the program or if we should add a new criterion.


I agree with your suggestion in general in regard to having criteria, but let me share my thought (same as @Juminstock) once the dApp staking v3 is up and running for a certain amount of time window, as the dApp tier and the voting system would intrinsically establish certain type of criteria.

I would say the recent delisting proposals / opening discussions were mainly after quite of observation (for example, rather than sorely based on emotions. But overall, I am sure that we are doing all of these for healthy growth of Astar Network and ecosystem, :slight_smile:


I fully support you, bearing in mind the case you present, it has been for the health of Astar’s ecosystem :grin:

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Should rewards be used only for development?

So how do you think about using your rewards for donations?

I allow that use.:sparkles:

I also think that the use of rewards should be left to individual dapps.

※I understand that there is no need for overall rules, and once v3 begins, it will be left up to individual values.