Freerider Problem of dApp staking

I post this topic before enabling dApp staking since I don’t have any intentions to blame a specific project.

One of the potential problems of dApp staking is that a project that doesn’t have enough signs of progress on Shiden&Astar can earn tokens by listing their project on our dApp store. The purpose of dApp staking is to provide developers with basic income. So, there needs to be a mechanism for removing projects that are not making progress from the list, and milestones need to be publicly available and assessable in order to track progress.


For sure.

We do not want shitcoins and scams to earn dapp staking rewards. This is not fair to those who greatly contribute to our ecosystem.


Could it be some mechanism for locking dApp staking reward tokens unless some milestone not reached by developers?


yea,This is an issue that needs deep attention at present

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At this moment, we don’t have these features since we will deliver dApp staking (minimum valuable product) and improve it step by step.

I think this idea sounds great though i am not sure how to implement it now.

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I am thinking…

Anybody can upload their contract on the dapp store. But for it to qualify for the rewards, it has to go through governance voting.

Things to do:

Operator side.

  1. Need to provide website and social links, Including the social profiles of the team/devs(github, website, twitter.etc.)
  2. If the dev is anonymous, he can leave it blank.

All these info must be visible on the dapp store listing application. This will be a guide for the community/token holders to make decision.

Token holders.
Then, the token holders need to vote based on the available info. We can set a criteria on this e.g.

  1. ≥30% of the holders must vote positive.
  2. ≥30% of the circulated tokens must vote positive.
  3. The wallets that are qualified to vote must have held an X amount of tokens for Y amount of time.

With these criterias to be met, the operator must do marketing work. He needs to actively promote his project to the Astar/Shiden community. He surely needs to do AMAs, meetup etc. to build the confidence amongst voters. This will turn his project into a real world business. Build and market it, to earn.

If any of the criterias is not met, it won’t qualify for the rewards. This criteria might help prevent manipulation from whales and bad actors.

After passing the vote, the operator must remain active, hence we need data feed from e.g.

  1. Github
  2. On chain tx
  3. Trading volume

If the activities do not meet X volume, the contract will be suspended for getting rewards and the operator will have to work harder, achieve and maintain the criteria for at least Y amount of time before qualifying for the rewards again.

Is this possible to do?


I made a flowchart to make it easier to understand what I was proposing.


I agree with the idea of implementing dApp staking whitelisting via a governance vote, this will make it community driven.
The substrate voting mechanism is pretty good imo for that with a vote weight depending on the time of tokens lock.
But a criteria on the circulating supply can’t be applied imho, we will probably never have 30% of the supply holders to vote, then nothing would pass.

To keep it simple, everyone through democracy could propose:

  • adding a project to dapp staking
  • removing a project from dapp staking

The ecosystem should also bring some new tools to evaluate performance of dApps part of the dApp staking, this is all new now and needs to start somewhere :smile:


But a criteria on the circulating supply can’t be applied imho, we will probably never have 30% of the supply holders to vote, then nothing would pass.

I want to make some suggestions.

  • The criterion can be changed from a percentage to a fixed amount. For example, you need to get the votes of the holders who own 100,000 SDN in total. It can be 100 holders with 1000 SDN, or 10000 holders with 10 SDN.
  • About mechanism for locking dApp staking reward tokens. You can just make 3 month lock up for reward tokens.
  • At last, you can make something like kusama’s crowdloan, but with SDN. For example 5 projects are selected once a month. When does the auction start holders will contribute (lock for example for 1 month) their SDN for projects they like and get some benefits from dApp. /// All scammers won’t won’t waste so much effort.

Anyway all criteria should not be too strict at the beginning.

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Great ideas.

The problem with the third one is that a whale scammer can create their own dapps then fund their crowdloan which I assume wouldn’t require a very significant amount of SDN to win.