Grant ASTR Proposal from Astar Treasury: XSigner Incentivized Testnet Program

Hey! On this point I’m open to ideas!

We plan to:

  1. Promote this on X (post & one Space, would be great to do it with the support of ASTAR Official account)

  2. Sub0 event (we are going to be there, I would like to have this prop approved by then!!)

  3. Other SSNN: announcement on Linkedin, Instagram, of course, a medium article explaining everything & a podcast episode.

  4. Specific channels on other networks.

The idea is to spread the word as much as possible!!
We want to make some noise! :loudspeaker:

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Big fan of multisig solutions. Would love to be part of the testing aswell. As the others have mentioned we should someone prevent bots from abusing the test.

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Great!!! Thank you for your response. Cheers =)

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Fund 50 000 ASTR from the Astar Treasury to XSigner for a Testnet Program
  • Yes
  • No
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Hope you will add value to the community. My vote is yes.


Well I didn’t know that! So you are well into Astar, I have heard about Protofire and their developments now I can see further, since in your description you didn’t mention anything about Protofire, I will vote yes.


Testing is important. I voted yes in this voting process. I hope there won’t be bot attacks and the reward goes to the community in a valuable way. Have a good day.

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I am very much in favor of new uses as in the case of XSigner. I vote YES for the proposal and will give it a try :handshake: :smile:


Congratulations @DiegoTowers,

The vote passed. The Foundation will unlock and transfer 50,000 ASTR to your address. Please indicate the beneficiary’s address.

Thank you

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say a massive thank you for backing my proposal! Your support means a lot to us, and I’m seriously grateful for each and every vote. It’s awesome to be part of such a rad community that’s all about pushing the boundaries of web3.

Address: XCuVCHaBFjDZRh3YARh1tHXvQYZynJpY7PbWuLxxpYB7e7Z

I think you need to be supported.
Although it is not a sustainable model, such events are important in attracting new users and making test processes successful. I support

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The registration period for the incentive program starting in April is almost over.
If you have not registered yet, please check here.


This is a totally great initiative, disseminating this content is important for the ecosystem to participate. Thanks for sharing the post here, Bao!

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Hi @DiegoTowers

Please could we have an update about the distribution and feedback about this incentivized testnet?


Why did you stake the requested tokens (normally used for the incentivized testnet) in the dAppStaking?

Just to make the most of it while waiting for the testing program. Is that a problem?

Hi GuiGou!

The testing campaign is about to finish! We extended the period to May 8. We have 193 registered users. Not all of them complete the tasks. We are sending friendly reminders by mail to try to make them complete every step of the process.

After this, we will work on the final participation results & corresponding rewards.

I will add that the campaign delayed its start due to slow registration at first & problems with subquid indexing service.

I wish you had talked about it here before doing it.
Asking for tokens to reward testnet participants and then staking them on your own dApp is not what I would have done personally.
Now your tokens are locked and you must plan the unbounding period before rewarding the participants.

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Hey GuiGou,

Sorry for this misunderstanding. I was not looking to do any inappropriate action. As with any asset under treasury management, I avoid losing opportunity costs. Like with sitting USD waiting for allocation.

I was about to unbound them now that we are near finishing the testing period. After that, we will take two weeks to go over the on-chain & off-chian metrics. And then, after publishing, we will give a few days to see if there is any claim. All of this is being announced in the Discord channel.