Grant ASTR Proposal from Astar Treasury: XSigner Incentivized Testnet Program

Hey @DiegoTowers
No problem, I was just surprised but there is no matter.
Please don’t hesitate to share here your progress :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will keep you posted!


Hey, @DiegoTowers! Great work you did with the application, I was even part of the testing of the app which I must say I think will facilitate many processes within the ecosystem.

I just want to support what my colleague @GuiGou mentioned, there is no problem with you staking the assets, we are aware of the current fluctuation of the ASTR (however you could have moved it to a stable asset if you did not want to lose), the problem lies in that you did not notify it in your proposal and that can be seen as an undue manipulation of the funds.

I only share this as a tip, on a next occasion, try to report it before doing so.

However, I emphasize again my support to your great work.

Thanks for the support! @Juminstock!

I bear that in mind for next time!!!

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Preliminary Participation Report:

After weeks of enthusiastic participation and dedication from our community members, we’re excited to share the statistics:
:bar_chart: Key Statistics:

  1. Registration: 190
  2. Multisig Address created: 55
  3. Feedback Replies: 18

In the coming days, we will publish the official reports in our Discord and a medium article.

I’ll keep you posted!


Thank you for the report.
I’m looking forward to the article!!

Great! Thanks for sharing the report. I have some questions but I will wait until your official report comes out to ask concise questions and be clear on the information.

The numbers look very interesting. If there are any issues, please feel free to provide feedback anytime. In any case, thank you very much for the report. =)

Nice ! Glad to see so many participants :clap: