Grant ASTR Proposal from Astar Treasury: XSigner Incentivized Testnet Program

XSigner Incentivized Testnet Program

Requested Amount: 50.000 ASTR

Goal: We seek a grant to promote an Incentivized Testnet Program for XSigner!

The incentivized testnet is a reward campaign where you can earn $ASTR as a reward for testing the multi-sig.

The testing process will use the Shibuya network with testnet tokens to emulate the mainnet.

We believe that this kind of program will bring awareness & more adoption not only to XSigner but also to Astar Network!


We’re thrilled to share a major milestone with the Astar community – XSigner, our innovative native ink! multi-sig wallet has completed a remarkable 9-month development journey and is live on testnet!

You can explore the incredible features of XSigner at and give it a spin on Shibuya.

Tasks Included in the Incentivized Testnet

The testing process will include several tasks. To get rewards you will need to perform complete tasks.

Basic tasks:

  1. Create an XSigner account
  2. Send balance.
  3. Log your activities & give feedback.

The user can iterate these tasks with:

  1. One owner (Score 1 point)
  2. Two Owners (Score 2 points)
  3. Three Owners (Score 4 points)
  4. Upto 10 Owners (Score +5 points)

Users can perform as many tasks as they want!

Incentivized Testnet Rewards

Rewards* for the testnet can be claimed by users at the end of the incentivized testnet according to the amount of points made.

The reward will be distributed per multi-sig account, not per participating address.

  1. Score 1 points accumulated: the user will receive 20 $ASTR tokens
  2. Score 2-3 points accumulated: the user will receive 50 $ASTR tokens
  3. Score 4-8 points accumulated: the user will receive 100 $ASTR tokens
  4. Score 8-12 points accumulated: the user will receive 150 $ASTR tokens
  5. Score of more than 13 points accumulated: the user will receive 200 $ASTR tokens.
  • Rewards will be calculated using Subsquid scripts to get the proper testing data.

Who Will Be Eligible for Rewards?

To be eligible a form with the mainnet address to claim the tokens and the Shibuya address that will be used in the XSigner Testnet.

Duration of the program

The rewards program will begin on 6th March and will end once the allocated 50,000 $ASTR tokens are exhausted or the set deadline of 6th April is reached.

As we gear up to introduce XSigner and promote the Astar network within the Polkadot Ecosystem, we aim to announce the launch of our incentivized testnet strategically timed just a few days before the Sub0 event.

This public testnet is crafted to validate and assess the user interface and evaluate overall usability. It is important to explicitly state that, at this juncture, the smart contract has not undergone a formal audit.

Your active participation in the community is invaluable to us as we seek to make any final tweaks before the official mainnet launch. Join us in shaping the future of XSigner and the Astar network by testing the limits and providing essential feedback.

Together, let’s ensure a seamless and secure experience for all users.
Telegram: Diegotowers


Thanks for the suggestion.
Multisig in Astar Native can be created in Polkadot.js but it would be nice to have a more user-friendly solution.

  • However, I have a question about this campaign.
    I think it would not be that difficult to receive the reward fraudulently with this content, but what do you think?
  • It seems to me that getting support from the Polkadot community would be more appropriate than Astar.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

About your first point, to get the rewards one will need to log manually a Google form, so even though this doesn’t prevent a fraudulent action it makes it time-consuming.

With this Campaign, we can bring attention from other ecosystems!


This looks interesting, congrats!. It seems to be is a brilliant way to encourage community participation and ensure a thorough evaluation of the multi-sig wallet. The tiered rewards system based on task completion adds an exciting dynamic, making it not only informative but also rewarding for participants. :clap:
Maybe it would be nice to add a precise criterion to select the participants and give them more visibility
Excited to see the positive impact this program will have :dizzy:


Tks for the feedback!

At the moment of the announcement, we will provide detailed information about the criteria, timelines & conditions to be eligible to participate & get rewards!

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Thanks for your proposal. This type of incentivized testnet could attract new users to the ecosystem.

However, what’s next step after the campaign? Any plans to further develop, expand and grow the user base?

Thank you :pray:


Hey!! thanks for your positive feedback!

After the campaign, we will continue to work on the Multi-sig. The next steps are:

  1. Smart-contract Audit
  2. Migration to Kusama environment (on at least two parachains)
  3. Developing next Version

It is interesting the model you raise, mainly because I had not seen it before. I find it beneficial for the network to use testnet, mainly so that users are not afraid to use it, however I don’t feel comfortable retributing the use of a multisig on testnet. Specifically I want to understand if they have done this before and why not do it directly on mainnet where transactions add to the ecosystem, unlike testnet which only adds to its usage but not to the network in principle.


I don’t mind spending money to incentivize testers. But we want the testers to be genuine e.g. existing Astar active community members.


Yes! Totally! A proof of Human can be added to the registration proof process! Tks!!

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You got it right!!! This type of campaign can help new users to join without any risk!
The multi-sig is in an early stage, previous to mainnet! After the audit, we can perform another campaign on Shiden or Astar directly!
But, in this stage getting feedback from users is also a main goal!

Don’t forget that new users will end up adopting Astar when the receive tokens! We can promote Dapp Staking Platform so the can earn & get utility from them!


Since you put it that way, I quite like the idea. Just as @moonme mentions, the importance of being authentic Astar users, I see that as a priority. Thanks for clarifying that point!


The initiative is interesting, the blockchain ecosystem works with incentives, but I think they should have a more active participation inside Astar.and give more information about their team, especially when it comes to apply for a sub award.

Thank you!


Hey!!! Thanks for the feedback!

If you mean about the team behind X Signer, we are Protofire a web3 organization that works in several ecosystems to bring more adoption!

ProtoFire helps decentralized protocols and developer platforms accelerate the growth of their ecosystems by delivering hands-on coding and contributions.

I can tell you that we are pretty much into Polkadot & Astar.

Here are a few other projects that we deployed on Astar:

Contract Wizard: The Contract Wizard is an intuitive web-based platform designed to simplify the process of creating, deploying, and managing smart contracts contract pallets. With its user-friendly interface, it eliminates the complexities traditionally associated with smart contract development, allowing users of all technical levels to engage with the blockchain world.

Astar Safe : we implemented the famous Safe Multisig Wallet into Astar EVM pallets!

The Graph protocol integration : We recently deployed an on-chain data analytic infrastructure for the EVM pallet on the Astar network. It’s called Astar Subgraph Hosted Service.

This project brings The Graph protocol services, the #1 open-source data indexing standard for all three Astar Networks: Astar, Shibuya & Shiden.


Great, I didn’t know you guys were taking the project forward. ProtoFire is a company with great products/services within the Polkadot ecosystem - great for the proposal!

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Using Testnet before Mainnet is a good idea for testing things out. However, I would like to ask a few more questions:

  1. How does the team handle sybil or bot attacks on the Testnet?

  2. What are the numerical goals for the campaign?

Thanks for making this proposal, in general, I support some incentives for testnet, but I have the following questions:

  1. Since you are in testing phase, have you considered the SDN token as an incentive?
  2. The user can iterate the tasks up to 10 owners, is that a limitation about the multi-sig that each account can handle? so more than 10 owners will not get any more points?
  3. Is there any requirement for the feedback? did that mean any feedback would be accepted and who will evaluate the feedback?
    Thank you!
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Thank you for the proposal.
I believe it will be a meaningful grant since it will serve as an opportunity for more users to utilize Multisig.

I have a question. How will this program be announced?
To attract more new users to the Astar Network, where and how you announce is very important. You might be planning to announce it at Sub0, but if you have any other plans, please let me know.


Hi!! Thanks for the feedback!

To mitigate these attacks we designed a submitting process that makes that difficult (through feedback & questions).
We aim to get 300/400 test submissions!

Hey!!! thanks for the questions:

  1. Could be ASTR or SDN according to the grant received. I’m talking about ASTR in this proposal, but I can change that if needed.

  2. There is no limitation in the multisig! The idea is to cap rewards to a certain threshold.

  3. There are two types of feedback one with requirements, like minimum characters & avoid saying Good job!, and another one free to get emojis!