HEAL-Ⅲ - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar community and our friends, HEAL-Ⅲ would like to apply dapp staking.
I’m Ray, a co-founder of HEAL-Ⅲ, submit this on behalf of our team.
Please kindly take a look at this.

Project Overview

We are the first healthcare project on the Astar Network. We have developed a game that helps people engage in healthy activities in a more enjoyable and sustainable way.

Our platform allows users to earn unique tokens ($UHT: Utility Health Token / $GHT: Governance Health Token) by engaging in ongoing healthy activities, especially diet, exercise, and sleep. In addition, users can earn additional tokens and rewards through gamification based on cooperation and competition among users through the MIssion function.

Through these activities, users will be able to continue to engage in enjoyable and healthy activities through gamification with many other users.

HEAL-III was conceived in May 2022, and the closed-alpha version was launched in September. Since then, it has been active with approximately 10,000 SNS followers and 500 Closed users.

In order to maximize user rewards, we are also actively pursuing corporate collaborations. In January 2023, we held a collaboration event with Mustle Deli, where about 100 real food items were offered in a drawing among those who completed the mission. In the future, we intend to promote monetization through collaborations with companies to build a system that can continuously return profits to users while maintaining healthy econonomics.

In addition, we will be developing individual health advice functions based on sleep activity, diet, and exercise records, as well as mission projects by users, to make the App more enjoyable and healthier for users.

We believe that by offering Gamefi through proprietary tokens, which are still few in number in Astar Network, we can attract more users to Astar Network and give back to other Projects, the core team, and Astar holders.

Our Vision


HEAL-Ⅲ creates human enthusiasm through gamification and provides a mechanism for people to actively engage in health activities.
We create games that promote healthy habits through healthy actions (eating/exercising/sleeping) and enable people to lead richer lives.

Our Mission

  1. Invite more people to join the Astar Community
    Contribute to the development of the Astar Community by attracting more users to the Astar Community through gamification with low starting difficulty and token acquisition.
  2. Activation of Astar Economics
    Contribute to the activation of economics by establishing an economics within the Astar Network through the use of proprietary tokens, enabling the Astar community to acquire and utilize tokens.
  3. Bridge between Web2 and Astar
    We can easily cooperate with external projects such as Mission and Store functions, and by involving external companies, we can attract more people to Astar Network and contribute to the growth and activation of the Astar community.


  1. The program has been accepted into Microsoft’s Startup Program.(Link
  2. 500 users participated in the Closed test in 2022.
  3. We received investment from VC, Crypto and healthcare companies from Japan, Dubai and other countries in the seed round.(Link
  4. Announced a corporate collaboration plan through HEAL-Ⅲ for Biz.(Link
  5. Speaker at Astar Night Japan event.(Link
  6. A joint campaign was held with several projects including Astar Degens.(Link
  7. The NFT Sale was opened to the public and over 2,000 NFTs were sold.
  8. Released our Open-α version and be able to join anyone from April 2023.(Link
  9. Got Twitter trend when we release Open-α.(Link
  10. Got No,1 in Astar’s game category on dAppRadar.(Link
  11. Got No,1~3 in Astar chain on tofuNFT.(Link

Dapps Staking Reward Usage

  1. Staker Reward 30%
    1. Staker can get some our rewards(Clothes NFT / $GHT / $UHT)
  2. User rewards 30%
    1. Normal game cycle rewards
    2. quest rewards
    3. Mission clear rewards
    4. Role rewards (Silver Pioneer, etc.)
  3. Marketing 20%
    1. marketing expenses to attract new users
    2. user campaigns
  4. Market Making 10%
    1. Market making after listing
  5. Other 10%

CEO message

Hi, I’m Ray, CEO of HEAL-Ⅲ.
I was very much impressed by the technology of blockchain and the revolution of token economics, which had never existed in our society before.
We will be one team and be able to create our economics in a decentralized community.
I am proud to be working with Astar Community, led by my best friend Sota, to bring new value to the global.

I sincerely hope that through our App, the number of fun and healthy people will increase all over the world.


Here are some links to learn more about us.


Reward no. 1 for stakers is very interesting.
Any plan to implement Cycling mode and Strava integration? Long distance cyclist here :biking_woman::wink:


There are currently no plans to do so.
However, we believe that continuous exercise, including cycling, contributes to good health, and we will think this as a reference for collaboration and the development of new apps function.

Thank you for contacting us.:relieved:

I’m in favor of HEAL-III listing to dApp Staking.
I support it!

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Thank you very much!
In addition, thanks for your tweet!

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This is the PJ I am most excited about at AstarNerwork right now!

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Definitely supporting Healthree on dApp staking application. Using there dApp which is awesome and gives user motivation and courage to stay in shape and healthy with benefits. Connecting web3 and real world in this early stage is pretty crucial! Stay fit and good luck!

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I will do my best to support HEAL3! ha ha🤩

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HEAL3 is the best attractive M2E Apps now.
I’m interested in the ASTR dApp Staking and in supporting ur project!!


I will leave my Support to the Team, more with the desire that more is delivered by the community and to those who trust you. :+1:t2:

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We support HEAL3 and ASTR!