COSMIZE - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar community and our friends, COSMIZE would like to apply dapp staking.
I’m Fumiya, a co-founder of COSMIZE, submit this on behalf of our team.
Please kindly take a look at this.

Project Overview

We are the first native metaverse project on the Astar Network. Our team has developed a user-friendly web-based application that allows users to experience the Web3 metaverse with ease, simply with the click of a button.

With our platform, users can take part in various events, decorate their own rooms with favorite NFTs, invite friends, and engage in social activities, among other features.

COSMIZE was conceptualized in April 2022 and launched its alpha version in August.
Since then, we have successfully hosted approximately 20 events with a cumulative total of 2,000 participants.

Furthermore, we created collaborated 3D NFT and avatar that is usable in COSMIZE.
We believe that we can add more value to NFTs by integrating them with the metaverse, providing users with additional utility and benefits.

Our Vision

“A place for connecting your passion”
We aim to create a place where you can express yourself as you are, find friends with the same ideas, hobbies, and aspirations, and connect with new people and friends.

Our Missions

  1. Bring a good networking effect to the Astar community
    It is part of our mission to bring a better networking effect to the Astar community by collaborating with other outside projects.

  2. More Utilities for NFT
    As a general tendency, creating 3D items and avatars can be a bit hard for NFT projects on their own. However, through collaboration with us, since our strength is immersive technology, they probably unlock wider possibilities for their platform.

  3. Become a web3 platform tailored for enterprise-level use - A web2 + web3 vision
    With more and more enterprises showing interest in web3, but almost are unsure about how to navigate this new space. We aspire to be the first bridge between Web2 enterprises and Web3 (Astar) and also the bridge between real and virtual world.


  1. We provided the Metaverse venue for a hackathon sponsored by the legendary Japanese company, Toyota. (200 ppl/event capacity) - Web3 Hackathon with Toyota
  2. Accepted by Microsoft’s Startup Program - Partnership with Microsoft
  3. Sold out 1,000 NFTs for the 2022 sale at the Private Sale only - NFT Sale
    • Middle rarity NFT was traded at about 8 times more expensive than the mint price on the secondary market
  4. Invested by 4 VCs and several angel investors in the seed round - Closed Seed Round
  5. Attracted over 2,000 people to approximately 20 events. - With Candy Girl(One example)
  6. Created a 3D collaborative NFT with the NFT Project and distributed them to over 7,500 people - Collabo 3D Airdrop
  7. Created avatars with the NFT Project - Astar Troopers Avatar
  8. We are listed as the top 15 of Paris Metaverse Summit 2022 - Metaverse summit

Dapps Staking Reward Usage

Premise: Metaverse projects tend to be costly to develop because we need continuous development and updates.

  1. Development
    1. Server Management
    2. 3D development and modeling
    3. Smart contract
    4. Auditing
    5. General feature development costs
  2. Marketing&Community
    1. Captain(Mod) Program reward
    2. User campaigns
    3. Future partners
    4. Event with partners
  3. Others


Here are the basic links to know about us;


Really love those art, for the fans of Japanese culture I think it’s pretty good. I support this proposal, but I hope you can add more features to your NFTs.


This is a great project to list as a dApp and their actions speak volumes to why they should be. I’ll jump to the most recent event with Toyota, Alchemy, Astar, Polkadot, and Web3 Foundation - they were able to prepare and execute on their promises at a high level. There is no doubt in my mind that this team will keep on delivering for many years to come. Fully supporting this proposal and listing.


I want to vote…really like it!!!

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Id say lets bring it on to dapp staking

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It is a project that Astar should support!!


As a person who always randomly visits their office :laughing:. We need to support them. Kudos for Fumi and team!

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Really love what you guys did with the recent metaverse hackathon. And would love to see such things more often… My full support for this proposal…

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I didn’t have the chance to explore Cosmize deeply but from my few visits it’s really welcome dApp at the Hub :slight_smile: I support the proposal and will wait for further developments :grin:

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Great project no doubt. Proud that Cosmize will host big Astar events, looking forward on this metaverse future!

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Thank you for the proposal. Looking forward to see your Dapp on Astar Portal!

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I really like the project. Also think it has a good network effect for the ecosystem, because generate a place to hang out and introduce the space for brands and younger generation.

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